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August 31, 2016
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Intellectuals and Society

By Thomas Sowell

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The Unborn Victims of Occupation

Posted on Aug 15, 2007
waiting room

Rampant violence and a curfew that makes nighttime medical aid unrealistic at best are threatening the health of pregnant Iraqi women and their children. Official data on the problem is scarce, but medical and humanitarian workers say childhood and maternal mortality is on the rise.

(h/t: Alternet)

IRIN via IraqSlogger:

According to doctors, dozens of women in Iraq each day face delivery difficulties caused by violence and the curfew that is preventing access to health care during the night.

“For at least two women in every 12 who seek emergency delivery assistance here, either the mother or her child dies,” Dr Ibrahim Khalil, a gynaecologist at Al-Karada maternity hospital, said.

“Mothers are usually anaemic and children are born underweight as a result of a poor nutrition and lack of pre-natal care,” Khalil said, adding: “There aren’t any official figures but we can see that the number has doubled since Saddam Hussein’s time.”

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By vet240, August 15, 2007 at 2:02 pm Link to this comment

The dire situation in Iraq is ultimately the responsibility of the failure of Americas mamagement of it’s foreign policies.

Iraq was in big trouble clear back in the nineties. Why? Because our foreign policy makers and our foreign intelligence gatherers are all about style and seldom about substance.

Are there still Americans who think the Iraqis should love us for “Liberating” them without first asking them what they wanted or listening to their needs?

If you’re one of those who still think we’re on “The right track to freedom for the Iraqis”, I ask you to try to put yourself in the situation described in this article.

Would you, could you, love a foreign occupier who came under the Trojan Horse of “Liberation”, if it was your wife, sister, niece or friend who lost their baby simply because they dared not try to get to the hospital?

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By 1drees, August 15, 2007 at 11:39 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Well, the great GWB attacked IRAQ for a number of changing reasons ( which shows the American Honesty) but among them was “dirty bomb” which means spraying radioactive material ( like Uranium or depleted Uranium) over an enemy population ( which GWB often quotes as a fear the americans have from the Alqaeda) but the truth of the matter is that the American Forces have sprayed IRAQ with atleast 3000 tonnes of Depleted Uranium Munitions since the 1991 and it goes o0n to this day, everyday. this depleted Uranium is highly radioactive and of course going to keep killing the population in the polluted area for the next 4.5 billion years as that is the life of Depleted Uranium & so all life form there will certainly be effected by it.
So far a lot of children are being born with severe deformities & then the rates of cancer in iraq have sky rocketed. not just IRAQIs but the US service people are also being exposed to it and are getting sick BUT the govt is sticking to its story “it is harmless” even though Geiger counters have shown radiation levels as high as several thousand times the normal in certain places.
So in a way, any iraqi that has not shot dead or blown away so far, will also die due to radiation poisoning, Thanks to the American People And the American brand of “freedom” and/or “democracy” and/or “liberation”.
Such a “liberation” no people of the World can afford BUT then you cant refuse it either since the awesome shock & awe of the American Forces will just mute you out.
All the more reasons for the World to love the “good ol’ USofA”

Also regarding ythe recent Kurdish bombing that was done by fuel trucks remind me of the fact that although Americans never went in to secure the populations but since the first day they do occupy complete contol over IRAQ’s oil, so who has OIL available to them for whatever they want to do with it, the simple answer is “the Americans” or “the occupiers”.

Another fact, the SAS ( brit Commandos) that were apprehended by IRAQI police a couple of months back ( with a car load of all kinds of weapons, in civilian clothes observed to be behaving in an extremely suspicious manner in IRAQ ) were recovered by an attack of brit forces on the IRAQI police station that was holding them and trying to get some info from them, in that raid the American appointed police & the police station was decimated for the recovery of two SAS commandoes who were on an undisclosed mission with too many death traps on them. 
the Western Concerns for the well being of the world are really apalling, all the west cares about is exporting death to eveything non western. and of course if you can steal oil with that too that is even better.

Also being reported in the various “non-embedded” media that the orders to destroy all Iraqis in the proximity of an attack has soared to new heights, the orders are if there is an explosion, kill all in sight “coz they must have allowed it to happen”

I hope that the Americans can learn to keep their violent ways to themselves and maybe use them on their own trouble makers. Need i remind you that onlyin USa is there the concept of the “school shootings” so much for the civilised way of American living. While people are being told about the Sluttiness of Paris hilton, or britney’s shaved head, or martha’s jailing the “poor Honest American” Media forgets to mention a lot of the facts that the other presses all around the world report as they are not as “forgetful”

From the loks of the things, te Anti_American Alliances are growing stronger by the day. Iraq’s stooge PM ( Maliki) and Afghan stooge President ( Karzai) have recently met with the Iranian president Ahmedinjad. its was noted that Karzai is so sick of the NATO bombings that in the recent press conference he said stop bombing there is no more Taliban BUT BUSH’s thirst for blood is far from over yet.

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