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North Korea Shuts Down a Nuclear Reactor

Posted on Jul 14, 2007
north korea nukes
AP Photo / Yonhap

Powering down:  File photo shows used nuclear fuel rods in a cooling pond at North Korea’s Yongbyon facility.

Score one for diplomacy:  North Korea is toeing the line and following the dictates of a deal struck with the U.N. in February to shut down one of its nuclear reactors in exchange for heavy fuel oil, according to the BBC.


On Friday, the chief US nuclear envoy, Christopher Hill, emphasised that the closing of the Yongbyon reactor was only the first step though.

Mr Hill said he expected a full list of the North’s nuclear facilities within months—as agreed in the February deal.

North Korea tested an atomic bomb for the first time last year, and has repeatedly said it needs nuclear weapons to fend off a US attack.

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farmertx's avatar

By farmertx, July 17, 2007 at 8:24 am Link to this comment

Better headline would have been Nuclear Blackmail Works Again.
If ever there was a place for a smart bomb,it is through the windowof NK Minimum Height Leaders’ house/mansion/palace.
That needs to be the new strategy; doing away with the leader’s of countries that want to be enemies, not the soldier’s who have no say in the matter.
Supposedly, we have the means to do so. So why aren’t we using it?

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By the chevaline, July 16, 2007 at 7:05 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“...a DEAL struck with the U.N. in February to shut down one of its nuclear reactors in exchange for heavy fuel oil.”

a deal?  since when is giving into blackmail a deal?

proof again of the dysfunction of leftist thinking.  even the U.N. considers it a win to trade unearned supplies to a country that has already torn away it’s thin veil of a nuclear threat.

The Right has never looked so Red.

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By Marshall, July 16, 2007 at 12:45 am Link to this comment

As expected, no positive development goes unmaligned by the Truthdig faithful who are incapable of grasping the “nuance” of someone they hate actually doing something good - that’s way too complex a concept.

Kerry (and friends) ridiculed the six party talks, yet here they are having paid off handsomly.  The meager fuel oil that it took to buy this deal was FAR less than the promise to build nuclear reactors on NK soil that was the hallmark of the original Clinton debacle.  NK started building nukes while Clinton was still in office - yes folks… long before the “axis” remark.

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By DennisD, July 15, 2007 at 7:44 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I guess what’s left of the “Axis of Evil” is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and wherever Cheney happens to be hiding at any given time. Congress, you’re already so irrelevant I won’t even mention you.

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RAE's avatar

By RAE, July 14, 2007 at 9:03 pm Link to this comment

Watch out, North Korea.

To attempt to deal HONESTLY and OPENLY with any recent American administration is to ASK to GET ROYALLY SCREWED. To the White House, the ends justify the means.

If the world would indeed be “safer” without North Korea having atomic weapons, and that’s a BIG “IF,” given that the only nation on earth that’s ever used one (two) to murder humans and all other living things is the USA, you can bet all you’ve got that the USA will do whatever it takes (legal and moral or illegal/immoral) to achieve that goal.

And the American people apparently can do nothing about it.

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By Enemy of State, July 14, 2007 at 3:50 pm Link to this comment

This is essentially the deal we had had during the Clinton administration. When GWB took office, ne wanted to make the Democrats look like naive fools, so he reneged on important parts of the deal. After Kim Dae Jung retailiated, BushCo just claimed they were cheating all along, and Clinton & company were fools.  Turns out they weren’t cheating, so now six years later -after a not very sucessful Nuke test, we are back to where we were then.

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