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Hamas Tightens Noose on Gaza

Posted on Jun 14, 2007

Hamas, an organization once partially funded by Israel as an alternative to the PLO, is now Israel’s worst nightmare as religious fundamentalists seize Gaza.  Remember when Bush promised that the invasion of Iraq would bring sanity to the Mideast region?

New York Times:

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, faced the further collapse of his power in Gaza [Thursday] as fierce clashes continued and Hamas fighters took over the headquarters of Fatah’s Preventive Security forces and the military intelligence building in Gaza City.

Those two advances meant Hamas came close to full control of Gaza. Only the presidential compound of Mr. Abbas and the Suraya headquarters of the National Security Forces, the Palestinian army, remained under Fatah’s control. But Hamas had surrounded Al Suraya, calling on the occupants to surrender, and the compound was under attack [Thursday].

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By Salomon, June 15, 2007 at 7:51 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

To Tom Doff: you may not believe this but the first country that recognized Israel was the Soviet Union!

Yes, Hamas won the last elections and they now won militarily in the Gaza strip because the overwhelming majority of the population there is behind them. Totally predictable for those who have read the autobiography of Trotsky. In civil wars it is absolutely crucial where the population is. Therefore one should not be surprised if Hamas eventually also wins in the West Bank. Fatah is toast, whether we like it or not.

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By cyrena, June 14, 2007 at 5:15 pm Link to this comment

You’re right Tom. Nobody was paying attention back then, and it’s pretty much been that way ever since. It’s the very thing that has allowed this violence to continue. Because, Israel has been whipping up on it’s neighbors ever since it established itself, with the assistance of the Imperial Powers. And, it’s the main complaint of all of those that have been dispossessed as a result. They assume that the “world is watching” all of this horror perpetrated against the Palestinians from Israel, (for all of these decades)and see that no person or state seems to be the least bit concerned about it. And, that’s just about the size of it.

There have been a few that have tried to help, and even got close. But they lost all chances of any assistance from the International community right after The Coup of 2000, and bush made it very clear from the start, that he wasn’t concerned with doing anything that might lead the Palestinians to their own statehood. Rather, he has just assisted Israel in all of it’s most recent assaults…providing a large part of the weapons for the assault on Lebanon last summer. And they continue to arm so many of the various entities in the Middle East.

Meantime, like you said, the world really hasn’t been watching anymore recently than they did back in 1967. Or, maybe I should say the rich folks in their cadillacs, though they drive different things now. Still, for most of America, there isn’t much attention paid at all. Other parts of the world are more aware than we are, as a population, but they don’t have the same power that the US had weilded, and still does. Since The Coup, Hamas and most of the other political groups in the area have understood all too well, that they are fighting not just Israel, but in reality, the US. So, it’s been them against a Superpower, and the world has continued to watch, and really do nothing at all to stop the strife and oppression heaped on those people.

But, things have a way of balancing themselves when humans are involved. So, this is what is taking place now, and finally. Too bad. They could have worked it out another way. But, it’s not like they haven’t tried.

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By Skruff, June 14, 2007 at 2:33 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I remember back in 1967 when I was a teenager working as a parking attendent in New York. I watched as the bombs fell in Beruit that once beautiful city in ruins. Then I watched as soldiers (I don’t even know their nationality)sprayed bullets into a crowd of rock throwing teenagers in Ramala.  I was horrified, but the rich folks who came to pick up their Cadillacs and Lincolns gave my TV a glance, and a shrug, and went about their business. 

When will humans figure out that this is no way to run a planet?

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By Tom Doff, June 14, 2007 at 12:46 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Those Hamas ‘terrists’ are the folks who won the last Palestinian election.

They should be Israel’s ‘worst nightmare’. Who better to show up the sham democracy of the Israeli zionists, than a group of freely elected, well-armed, dedicated to the welfare of their people, freedom-seeking, tyranny-fighting, Palestinian liberators, fighting for their right to exist as a nation on the land they have occupied for millenia, until the zionist usurpers, with the backing of the British and US colonialist rulers, invaded and occupied it in the name of ‘god’s’ will?

It’s inevitable that Israel will lose this fight, leaving aside the moral issues, the plain fact is that the Palestinians and their supporters can produce freedom-fighters faster than the zionists can massacre them.

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