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August 30, 2016
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Joint Chiefs Chairman Has Trouble Counting

Posted on May 29, 2007

Gen. Peter Pace, speaking to CBS’ Harry Smith on Memorial Day, said: “When you take a look at the life of a nation and all that’s required to keep us free, we had more than 3,000 Americans murdered on 11 September, 2001. The number who have died, sacrificed themselves since that time, is approaching that number.” In actuality, 3,455 U.S. military personnel had been killed in Iraq alone at the time of Pace’s blunder.

Just under 3,000 people were killed in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Brad Blog:

“At least 146 contract workers were killed in Iraq in the first three months of the year,” the NY Times recently reported, “That brings the total number of contractors killed in Iraq to at least 917, along with more than 12,000 wounded in battle or injured on the job, according to government figures and dozens of interviews.”

And yes, Pace also failed to account for the 309 dead U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

All of which brings the most conservative grand total of dead U.S. citizens up to 4,675 [actually, 4,681]. All in brilliant retaliation for the 2,787 killed on 9/11. Heckuva job, Bushies.

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By cyrena, May 30, 2007 at 8:17 pm Link to this comment

For James Yell,

You’re right on the money, (as so many of you seem to be on top of things)and we’ve known all of this for so long now, which is why it’s just so difficult to “digest” the fact that the Mob has been able to hijack our country via the Coup of 2000, and then totally destroy another country and it’s people, while bleeding the Americans dry of blood and money to use to do it. One thing though that was new to me, was the thing about Halliburton operating in Iran. Now THAT, I didn’t know. I know Cheney has all of those dummy corps. set up in Iraq, and Dubai, and Kuwait, and Qatar, and for sure….the Saudis. That’s been for decades with the Saudi Bush connection.

But, I would never have suspected Iran. I’m sure the Iranians are not complicit in this, so they must not know. I don’t think they would allow it, which might be why we’ve now got those 9 US warships in the Persian Gulf, trying to initiate another attack on the next country that was on Cheney’s hit list from the very beginning. If Iran won’t cooporate on giving up their natural resources any more than the “insurgents” in Iraq will cooperate (stand-by)while we steal theirs, then….Cheney just bombs them.

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By QuyTran, May 30, 2007 at 4:08 pm Link to this comment

He gets used to count the bodies of civilians killed in Iraq as “enemy troops”.

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By James Yell, May 30, 2007 at 7:37 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

If the invasion of Iraq were in response to an Iraqi attack on the U.S. I would have no remorse for them at all, but not only have thousands of Americans died in this attempt to steal a nations OIL, but the collateral damage from this brazen and un-needed attack on Iraq is 10’s of thousands, or more Iraq non-combatants killed carelessly, accidently, or on purpose by our actions. These Collateral damage deaths, should be called what they are “brazen murder” in a country not our own, against a people who really never did anything significant to us, where as the wonderful Bush/Cheney friends and business associates the Saudi’s have been known for years as enablers, cheerleaders and bankers of the terrorists. Explain why Saudi Arabia is not the focus of our wrath? Explain why Cheney apparently is looking forward to his share of the swag made by Halliburton’s dumby corporations business in Iran?

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By louis stroud, May 30, 2007 at 6:14 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

it seems like the bushies keep teling the lies and someone will believe them after they are repeated enough, and then they forget all about the previous lies and get all wound uup with the new lie, if the administration is talking, they are telling you another lie or covering up a previous lie, or trying to take attention away from a hot subject, like the war in iraq.
    it seems the generals have all forgotten how to fight a war, they have forgotten somalia, you can’t fight a street war, and win, especially when you are the invader, and have no just cause to enter into the thing in the first place. general t. franks started out the thing thinking that the soldier is supposed to go to war and die, well? franks started ouot in the military as a private, served his timie,went to college got a degree, went back in the military, bacame an officer, worked his way up to general and ego’ed his way to the top commander in iraq, and did the rummy and bush thingy, please the boss, march on soldier!,
    anyone remember afghanistan? that war ws mostly fought from the air, we have all this technology from the air and now we just don’t use it,all those drones with hellfires strapped on the wings, are hell on wings,just ask the taliban, so what if we would go back to the way we are good at?, just fly the damned planes!!,  drop the bombs, laser guided stuff,gps stuff, have they forgotten?

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By A Few Good Women, May 30, 2007 at 5:33 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

While we’re at it, blaming IRAQ for 9/11, why not include the Vietnamese people.  After all, who would have a better motive than them, having been shot, stabbed, raped, burned, gased, and bombed by the US Govenment?

I mean, how petty can you get for holding a grudge? All Nixon/Kissinger did was take the good time and trouble to kill 3 MILLION of those pint sized peasants. 

I blame VIETNAM for 9/11.

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By beijair, May 30, 2007 at 12:34 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

it is sad when our own leaders cannot acknowledge or even know the numbers of people killed in war.  it is a shame that they completely ignore the lives of the innocent iraqi being killed.  they have had many times more people killed than when they were ruled by saddam.  and by the way, the bush supporter even used the reference of saddam killing his own people as part of their justification for going to war.

here is something else that many may not want to believe:

“in the book The Italian Letter, authors Peter Eiser and Knut Royce reveal that Alan Foley, the head of the CIA’s Weapons Intelligence Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Center, cherry-picked evidence to make the case for war in Iraq:

One day in December 2002, Foley called his senior production managers to his office. He had a clear message for the men and women who controlled the output of the center’s analysts: “If the president wants to go to war, our job is to find the intelligence to allow him to do so.” The directive was not quite an order to cook the books, but it was a strong suggestion that cherry-picking and slanting not only would be tolerated, but might even be rewarded.”

yet the number one supporters to this day of bush,  his torture and lies and killing are the Christians.  Just like jesus would have wanted and just like jesus would have done?  right?

let us not forget that our born again commander and chief that was there to protect us (not) took more days of vacation than any other president before aug. of 2003.  yeah, he was on top of the job alright.  reading thost intelligence reports on the golf course. 

i do not consider bush true american but just another born again christian attempting to justify all he does wrong and claim it good in the name of his god

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By cyrena, May 30, 2007 at 12:32 am Link to this comment

Oh Rowdy, I had to laugh out loud at your so very accurate description of the dude in the white house. You’re right, and sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying.

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By Karan, May 29, 2007 at 11:21 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Some one should ask about the number of private military personel active in Iraq.  From what I understand there are over 120,000 private US forces in Iraq which puts the total US forces at 280,000 and about 700 of these forces have died in Iraq which bring the total deaths to over 4000.  Why isn’t anyone mentioning this.  You can find more on the site.

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By rowdy, May 29, 2007 at 10:59 pm Link to this comment

the problem here for mr.homophobe is a simple one. no one sacrificed themselves for retaliation for 911. iraq had nothing to do with 911 you fucking asshole. you are repeating the same bullshit your commander in chief used as justification for avenging his daddy.  this man in the white house is really one sick KKKristian motherfucker.

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