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August 29, 2015
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Intelligence Report Reflects Grim Reality

Posted on Feb 2, 2007

According to sources familiar with the document, the latest national intelligence estimate paints a bleak picture for Iraq, one that most of us have already come to know from simply following the news. The summary of information from across the intelligence community says that the situation is perilous, the U.S. has little control and the major cause of violence is not al-Qaida but fighting among Iraqis.

Washington Post:

A long-awaited National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, presented to President Bush by the intelligence community yesterday, outlines an increasingly perilous situation in which the United States has little control and there is a strong possibility of further deterioration, according to sources familiar with the document.

In a discussion of whether Iraq has reached a state of civil war, the 90-page classified NIE comes to no conclusion and holds out prospects of improvement. But it couches glimmers of optimism in deep uncertainty about whether the Iraqi leaders will be able to transcend sectarian interests and fight against extremists, establish effective national institutions and end rampant corruption.

The document emphasizes that although al-Qaeda activities in Iraq remain a problem, they have been surpassed by Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence as the primary source of conflict and the most immediate threat to U.S. goals. Iran, which the administration has charged with supplying and directing Iraqi extremists, is mentioned but is not a focus.

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By vet240, February 2, 2007 at 1:12 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

We are so wonderful!
First we sanction the Government of Iraq for using WMD against their own people with materials supplied by our fine corporations. The sanctions work wonderfully against Iraqi people resulting in the un-counted deaths of perhaps as many as 1/2 million children and other innocent civilians. This all before we pre-emptively invaded them.

Then we attack in order to dismantle WMD’s said to be in the hands of Saddam Hussein by our intelligence community. Guess what, No WMD’s! Oh never mind, we ousted Saddam and his party peopled by his bathists. Everybody knows he was a bad bad man.

Don’t forget Bush says we brought them Liberty and freedom! What good is liberty if you can’t walk down the street without the very real possibility of being murdered. Freedom! Freedom to go without the basic human needs. Having electricity two hours per day for four years. Freedom from decent medical care or education. Freedom from hope.

Now, we are to accept as fact anything our Intelligence community tells us, as if we don’t already know the mess Bush and his corporate pals has unleashed in the middle East. His corporate pals? Their making out like bandits, just today it was announced that three of the largest oil producers are making record breaking profits for the third year in a row. But Old Bush gave them a 10 billion tax break anyway? You tell me who owns who.

In Iraq, we removed the one person who had managed to get control of a potentially islamic fundamentalist nation and lead it toward secularism. Don’t throw that old BS about Saddam being a bad bad man. Remember when Communism was declared the antithesis of freedom? Then why are we begging China to let us sell cokes and fords there?

Now Bush and the Republican party have one strategy left. If they were to pull out now, they would be marked as the party that led us on a very expensive witch hunt. On the other hand, if they can dupe the Democrats into believing there may be a way to salvage the mess perpetrated by the Republicans, this mess will continue into the next Presidential election, hence the 18 month time frame mentioned in the report. If the Democrats allow this to continue it won’t be because they were duped. They know the game by now. If they go along with the Bushitters, we will all know they too owe their fielty not to we the people, but to the Corporatocracy. We will get even someday, politically speaking.

Iran? Put yourself in their shoes. Would you, knowing you have an un-balanced neighbor, decide it would be in your interest to further destabalize that neighbor? I don’t think so. It is in Irans interest as well as all other Middle Eastern nations interests to help stabilize Iraq. Are there individuals and groups in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kuwait fomenting the insurgents in Iraq? Of course. Can those nations control those isolated factions? That remains to be seen, but I have a feeling thse Governments know it’s in their interests to do so.

The Middle East has for generations fought to control the Islamic Fundamentalist movement. We go John Wayne led by Waynes antithesis bush, and destabilize the whole area. Great work you intellectual wizards. I know you’re not fools, I think you wanted it to be just this way. Your fielty to your corporate masters and your greed will lead to our financial ruin.

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By Quy Tran, February 2, 2007 at 9:32 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The 90-page classified NIE didn’t mention civil war in Iraq because Bush/Cheney do not want to know. They’re exactly looked alike the ostriches which only hide their heads in sands when they’re in danger.

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By dick, February 2, 2007 at 9:07 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Just what the doctor(Israel) ordered! It’s wonderful. And we( the USA) are about to do it again for Israel, in Iran.

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