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Hey, Iran, What’s All the Plutonium For?

Posted on Nov 14, 2006

Is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stockpiling plutonium and uranium to power this 1985-era time machine? Not likely.

International inspectors have found unexplained plutonium and highly enriched uranium traces in an Iranian nuclear waste facility, and have asked Tehran for an explanation.

  • We’re guessing Ahmadinejad isn’t trying to power a time machine, like the one from “Back to the Future.”

  • AP:

    International Atomic Energy Agency experts have found unexplained plutonium and highly enriched uranium traces in a nuclear waste facility in Iran and have asked Tehran for an explanation, an IAEA report said Tuesday.

    The report, prepared for next week’s meeting of the 35-nation IAEA, also faulted Tehran for not cooperating with the agency’s attempts to investigate suspicious aspects of Iran’s nuclear program that have led to fears that it might be interested in developing nuclear arms.

    And it said it could not confirm Iran’s claims that its nuclear activities are exclusively nonmilitary unless Tehran increases its openness.



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    By ralph emerson, March 21, 2007 at 9:52 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Something definitely needs to be done, but rushing in half-cocked as we did in Iraq would be an act of utter insanity.

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    By json, November 15, 2006 at 11:23 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Of course it’s not a time machine like the one from Back to the Future.  The flux capacitor that powered the time machine didn’t run on nuclear power.  It ran on ethanol.

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    By Tom, November 15, 2006 at 2:38 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    It’s obvously waste, when it’s found in a waste facility wink.

    Please tell me someone why Iran shouldn’t have the bomb when Israel, Pakistan, India and Russia and its new neighbour USA have it? Iraq didnt have it, North Korea has it. Which country has been invaded?

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    By Spinoza, November 15, 2006 at 12:42 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    >>>You’re right, of course, Spinoza.  These are PsyOps.  Like Diebold threw the election towards the Rethugs—oh wait. <<<<

    Apples = oranges, no wait honesty or knowledge/rationality are not the strong points of many posters on the net.

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    By SPINOZA, November 15, 2006 at 12:12 am Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)


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    By Bluestocking, November 14, 2006 at 8:51 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    When I first heard about this story, I found myself cynically recalling the buildup prior to the war in Iraq and the supposedly irrefutable evidence that Hussein had stockpiles of WMD (anyone else remember those alleged “mobile chemical weapons factories”?)—but at least this time, it appears that they might actually have *found* something. That’s not to say that I think we should go charging full steam ahead into Iran. Iraq has proven to be much more of a handful than Bush and Co. anticipated—and not only is Iran a vastly bigger country, Iranians probably have more of a bone to pick with the US than the Iraqis do. Not only did we help support a coup d’etat which overthrew a democratically-elected prime minister (Mohammed Mossadegh) in favor of the Shah, we also supplied Saddam Hussein with weapons to fight the Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war.  Is anyone really so foolish as to believe that waging war on Iran will be any easier than waging war on Iraq?  Something definitely needs to be done, but rushing in half-cocked as we did in Iraq would be an act of utter insanity.

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    By Victor Berry, November 14, 2006 at 8:20 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    It is Tuesday, 14 November 2006, and if Israel ever wanted to strike Iran, now would be the most opportune time.

    First, there is a veritable armada of American and NATO ships conducting operations in the Persian Gulf.  This fleet could offer Israel protection from an Iranian counterstrike.  Better yet for Israel, any nationalistic Iranian torpedo boat captain could launch a rogue torpedo strike on an American or NATO ship thereby bringing others into the conflict due to the act of war.

    Second, the Iraqi Project is going horribly wrong, so there is nothing worth protecting or shielding from destruction.  If the US was willing to give up their cute little Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, then they would be more than happy to give up their big ugly Shia tyranny in Iraq.

    Third, Israel can’t make things any worse for themselves than what they’ve already created with the Palestinians, Hizbullah, and Hamas.  And if push came to shove, America would fall all over itself redeploying its forces in Iraq to the Israeli borders.
    Fourth, I haven’t given up on the megalomaniacal psyche of George W. Bush.  He thinks his legacy will be decided 50-100 years in the future.  However, he has only two months to act before the Democratic Congress will reign him in.  I’m sure Bush will choose Armageddon though two years of lame duck status with lots of vacation time could prove an irresistible temptation.  Get thee behind me Satan ... and you too Barney.

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    By xcanada2: Tell the whole story, November 14, 2006 at 6:53 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)


    A senior U.N. official who was familiar with the report cautioned against reading too much into the findings of traces of highly enriched uranium and plutonium, saying Iran had explained both and they could plausibly be classified as byproducts of peaceful nuclear activities.

    The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the report publicly, said that while the uranium traces were enriched to a higher level than needed to generate power, they were below weapons-grade.

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    By Watch it Burn, November 14, 2006 at 6:48 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    You’re right, of course, Spinoza.  These are PsyOps.  Like Diebold threw the election towards the Rethugs—oh wait. 

    Your lack of knowledge about what lies ahead is obvious.  Reactionary Tunnel-Vision Hatred is in the House!  Boohya!

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    By Allan Pelt, November 14, 2006 at 5:34 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    Ahmadinejad looks like an unpretentious guy on the screen. I do not understand Farsi or Arabic, so when I “see” him on the screen; how do I know what he is saying? or why? or in what context? The daunting complexity of global events and affairs makes it necessary to reach-out to knowledgeable sources of information. 
    I am not a nihilistic-skeptic, trust me, but how
    are we to form judgments of crucial importance from information mediated by a media that has soiled itself time and again? The most “respected”
    sources of information have flagrantly shown themselves complicit with entrenched power! and Power mediated by its Quisling-media has achieved an unheard level of sophistication in its ability to create mass illusions. So powerful are these illusions they cause us to forswear what we see with our own sight. Never before has there existed the means by which such stark-illusions of reality could be created(recall Plato’s Cave: who is standing behind the fire flashing the shapes being projected on the wall?).Things “never change”, we are still in that cave,however ours vastly surpasses the older one in its level of technology: our wall is a “green screen” and who is the animator of our show ? (No!It sure as hell isn’t Walt Disney.) This has always been the issue: those who choose to turn away from the wall/screen and look towards the true-light have required the intercession of a trustworthy source of information. How do we discern shadows of truth from the authentic/actual TRUTH when we can no longer, in good faith, even wager that the source of the TRUTH presented, is the TRUTHDIG? Or, alas: Truthdig the Truthdig!

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    By Spinoza, November 14, 2006 at 1:55 pm Link to this comment
    (Unregistered commenter)

    How about we outlaw all nuclear programs world wide including the USA and Israel????

    We are going to hear a lot of psychological operations against Iran and all of it can be safely dismissed as bullshit.  That is until you show me the human sized industrial shredder Saddam was supposed to be using to do away with his opposition.

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