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August 20, 2014
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Chip Away at the Dollar

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Posted on May 15, 2011

Daryl Cagle, Cagle Cartoons,

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Military Plans

Premiering in Ferguson

Rick Perry Campaigns Behind Bars

Equal Justice

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MarthaA's avatar

By MarthaA, May 15, 2011 at 8:13 pm Link to this comment

Populous and populace do not mean the same
thing, the words are specifically different, as populous
refers to many inhabitants; while populace refers
specifically to the common people, the masses; the majority
common population, the American Populace or Back Street America
that is being attacked, apart from the minority populations of Wall
Street and Main Street who are the attackers
and have been
the attackers ever since the Conservative Revolution began in the
1980’s, which is why I use the word populace, instead of
the Right-Wing’s most preferred populous

It is more important than ever that the populace of the United
States, the Left, the Majority Populace, Back Street America all
over the United States be represented by a political party,
because the cumulative voting strength and contributions of the
70% Majority Common Population of the United States as a united
class and culture are all that stands a chance to counter balance
the fascist leanings of the current Right-Wing Supreme Court led
by Roberts and his Right-Wing Cronies and the corporate
interests of Wall Street and Main Street.

Wall Street has the Republican Party;  Main Street has the
Democratic Party; and the American Populace have no political
and are unrepresented in the making and enforcing of
legislated law and order in the United States of America, which is
why the American Populace is being tyrannized.

Even though it appears to be Main Street being attacked, it is
more specifically a Back Street attack upon the American Populace
and the infrastructure for the American Populace that is causing
and has caused the destruction of small town Main Streets across
the USA and imprisonment of a large majority of America’s
populace because of oppressive and tyrannical laws made by Wall
Street and supported by Main Street to oppress the populace and
destroy the populace’s public school system.

If the 70% majority American Populace as a class and culture, do
not choose to be ruled by Wall Street supported by Main Street,
then Back Street must always forgo backlash votes
between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and
secure a political party of their own with representatives for
America’s populace in government of the United States by
whatever expedient means necessary in order that the American
Populace as a class and culture will be able to have an equal part
in the making and enforcing of legislated law and order in the best
interest of the 70% majority American Populace as a class and
culture in the United States that is currently being assaulted by
oppressive and tyrannical laws.

It is not necessary for the American Populace to take over the
Republican Party that represents Wall Street’s American
Aristocracy, as the Tea Party did to help the Right; but the
American Populace, who are the Left, do have to take over the
Democratic Party of Main Street America’s Middle Class, because
the Democratic Party is the only political party of the two that can
be secured for the 70% majority populace of the United States,
because it can be made to represent the entire American Populace
and form a balance, at least until more political parties that are
equal with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party can be
formed through legislation to represent the New Middle Class. 

Awareness in the 70% majority populace must emerge and when
awareness is sufficient to establish a new order that will represent
the 70% majority populace in the making and enforcing of
legislated law and order in the best interest of the Majority
Populace in the United States it must be done to counter the
Fascist tyranny of the Corporate Right.

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