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This one is the button.



Coffee Mug, Large


For just $1 more than a regular mug, you get way, way more empty space.



Coffee Mug, Small


Spray your outrage on the daily paper with this lovely mug.


Fridge Magnet, Circle


It's not a button. It's a magnet.



Fridge Magnet, Rectangle


Stronger than gravity!



Galaxy S3 Case



Gel Mousepad




iPad Sleeve




iPhone 4 Slider Case



iPhone 5 Case






This notebook contains your personal data, your innermost thoughts, your daily agenda, and amazing drawings. Once you fill it with that stuff.



Kindle Sleeve



License Plate Frame


A real roadside attraction grabber!



Messenger Bag


Don't shoot the messenger -- especially if they show up wearing this wonderful bag.





Rest your mouse on a firm foundation.


Nook Sleeve




Snowflake Ornament




Sticker, Bumper


Smooth out the road to Truthdig.


Sticker, Rectangular


Stick with us, and we'll stick with you.



Tote Bag


Carry Truthdig around with you always.



Truthdig Mini Button (10 pack)


Pin 'em on!

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