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By Tom Hayden

Ending the War in Iraq


Ending the War in Iraq

Tom Hayden

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Eminem: The Real Slim Shady (Hip Hop in America)

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About the Author

After forty years of social and political activism, Tom Hayden is still a leading voice for ending the war in Iraq, erasing sweatshops, saving the environment, and reforming politics through greater citizen participation.

Recently Hayden drafted and lobbied successfully for Los Angeles and San Francisco ordinances to end all taxpayer subsidies for sweatshops. Hayden recently taught at Pitzer College, Occidental College, and Harvard's Institute of Politics.

Hayden has written eyewitness accounts for The Nation, where he serves on the editorial board, about the global justice movements in Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Chiapas, and India. Hayden is the author and editor of many books including "Writings for a Democratic Society: The Tom Hayden Reader", "The Long Sixties: From 1960 to Barack Obama", "Voices of the Chicago 8: A Generation on Trial" and "Inspiring Participatory Democracy: Student Movements from Port Huron to Today."


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