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By Sheerly Avni

Cinema by the Bay


Cinema by the Bay

By Sheerly Avni


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The Radical and the Republican


The Radical and the Republican

By James Oakes



Robert Fisk on Algeria


Robert Fisk on Algeria

Robert Fisk



Engaging the Muslim World


Engaging the Muslim World

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Thinking Tuna Fish, Talking Death

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The Associates


The Associates

By Richard Rayner


About the Author

Sheerly Avni is a San Francisco based film and culture writer. A former editor of, her work also has appeared in The Chicago Sun-Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Toronto Star, San Francisco Magazine, AlterNet, and of course, Truthdig. Her book about Northern California film directors, "Cinema by the Bay," was published in 2006.

She was also a workshop facilitator and editor at The Beat Within, a weekly publication by and for incarcerated youth, for fifteen years.

Sheerly is now working as a script consultant for the Netflix series "Ingobernable".


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