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August 27, 2016
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‘Three Myths’ of Israeli History

Posted on Jun 7, 2011

Miko Peled, peace activist and son of a well-known Israeli general, talks about his new book, “The General’s Son,” and what he calls the “three myths” of Israeli history.


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By reynolds, June 9, 2011 at 6:24 am Link to this comment

because you are all about peace and understanding. for
balance, i would suggest reviewing, by means of cut and
paste from the ample archives, the many instances of
your unrelieved use of racial slurs- oNe in particular-
you pompous fraud.

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Go Right Young Man's avatar

By Go Right Young Man, June 9, 2011 at 5:00 am Link to this comment

“The Other Israel” - An interesting collection of pro-Arab/anti-Israel points of view.  Although I question how painting Israel as always the aggressor, always wrong, always morally corrupt aids in bringing about authentic peace.

For balance I would suggest “FLAME”: Facts and Logic About the Middle East.  A collection of pro-Israel/anti-Arab points of view.

Understand the canyon divide between Arabs and Jews is a real step toward understanding the complexities of an authentic and lasting peace.


Apartheid in the Arab Middle East
How can the U.N. turn a blind eye to hateful, state-sponsored discrimination against people because of their race, ethnicity, religion and gender?

Racial Apartheid against Black Africans. One of the world’s most deadly examples of racism is in Sudan, where native black Sudanese have been enslaved, persecuted and slaughtered by Muslim Arabs. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the “Darfur pogrom is part of a historic continuum in which successive Arab governments have sought to entirely destroy black Africans in this biracial nation … The raison d’etre of the atrocities committed by government-supported Arab militias is the racist, fundamentalist, and undemocratic Sudanese state.” Since 1983, more than two million black Sudanese have been killed, displaced or exiled.

Ethnic Apartheid against the Kurds. Few ethnic minorities in the Middle East have suffered as much repression as the Kurds. In Syria in 1962, hundreds of thousands of Kurds had their citizenship taken away or were denied citizenship. In 2008, the Syrian government issued Decree 49, which expelled Kurds from the country’s so-called “Arab Belt” and dispossessed them of rights to own land. The Kurdish Union Party called this an “ethnic cleansing decree … aimed at ending national Kurdish existence.” In Iran, following the Islamic revolution, the Shiite majority denied the Kurds a role in defining the new constitution, and in 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini declared a holy war against Kurdish political organizations: Entire Kurdish villages and towns were destroyed, and thousands of Kurds executed without due process.

Ethnic Apartheid against Palestinian Arabs. For some 40 years Palestinians have been denied citizenship in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Palestinians have been expelled from many Middle Eastern countries, including Kuwait, Jordan, Libya and Iraq. In Lebanon, Palestinians must live in designated areas, cannot own homes and are barred from 70 occupations.

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By walterbard, June 9, 2011 at 4:49 am Link to this comment

to shingo

Get your facts straight. The massacre at Gush Etzion
occurred after the defenders surrendered. Their
bodies were mutilated.  there was no IDF at the
time of Deir Yassin. There were three militias
Hagganah, Irgun, Lehi. There was no common cabal
among these three to commit ethnic cleansing.
There were Syrian and Iraqi troops in Deir Yassin
trying to block the road to Jerusalem. They
fired on the militias.  Four Jewish militia men
were killed and dozens wounded.
Most of Arab residents were neutral and caught
in the crossfire. Some Lehi Israeli militiamen
probably did kill unarmed civilians in retaliation
for numerous previous massacres to Jews.
But their actions must be justified according
to you; after all, didn’t you write that Mount
Scopus occurred after Deir Yassin implying
that that was revenge for the alleged Yassin
massacre.  So the few civilians killed at Yassin
were also killed in revenge. Your account
of the events before June 1967 are ridiculous.
Just scan old issues of the NY Times for May
and June to read the news reports.
And the Times is not pro Israel
You wrote
“Israel attacked egypt, so Jordan were obliged to defend Egypt.”
The pact was signed in May, before June 4 when the war broke out.
Get your facts straight.

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By Jaded Prole, June 9, 2011 at 3:45 am Link to this comment

This is an important video and I look forward to the book. Looks like the best thing since Simcha Flapan’s “The Birth of Israel, Myths and Realities.” We need to circulate this video, especially to American Jews. Peled represents the better values of Judaism prior to the rise of Zionism.

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By Shingo, June 9, 2011 at 2:39 am Link to this comment

>> Just read any newspaper from May to June 1967.
Read any newspaper from in the US in 2002 about Iraq WMD.

>> There were the massacres at Gush Etzion and Mount Scopus. But of course those were only Jews who were massacred. And to the antisemites here that doesn’t matter.

Etzion was not a massacre.  Those that died, died defending the place.  That’s called collateral damage.

Mount Scopus took place 4 days AFTER Deir Yassin and again, it was members of the Haganah militia, who took part in Deir Yassin.

Seir Yasin was a massacre of civlians.

>>  There were several Congressional investigations into the Liberty incident and all of them concluded that Israeli jets mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian ship.

None of which allowed any eyewitnesses to participate or give testimony. The Liberty was international waters and Israel cuducted half a dozen recoinnasaicen missions over 6 hours before atatcking.  So what if the Liberty was monitoring Israeli movements? 

Your lies are old and worn out Waterboard.  Time is up for you Hasbrats.

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By Shingo, June 9, 2011 at 2:32 am Link to this comment

>> The son of a general is not a general. This disgusting fraud Peled is using his father’s name to garner an undeserved credibility.

If you’d bothered to listen to him, he and his father shared the same values.

>>  A few facts conveniently omitted by Peled.

Yes, let’s look at your “facts”.

>>  On May 18 General Murtagi, the Egyptian Commander of forces in the Sinai, declared an Order of the Day, which was broadcasted on Cairo Radio May 18.

No military intelligence aparatus basis it’s intelligence on what anyone says. Peled’s father said this:

“The thesis according to which the danger of genocide hung over us in June 1967, and according to which Israel was fighting for her very physical survival, was nothing but a bluff which was born and bred after the war.” In a radio debate Peled said: “Israel was never in real danger and there was no evidence that Egypt had any intention of attacking Israel.” He added, “Israeli intelligence knew that Egypt was not prepared for war.”

Menachen Bgin said in 1982:

“I do not believe that Nasser wanted war. The two divisions which he sent into Sinai on 14 May would not have been enough to unleash an offensive against Israel. He knew it and we knew it.”

>> On May 16th Egypt told the U.N. to remove its buffer force from the Sinai and the U.N. did.

Again, irrelevant.  Israel could just as easily have invited the UN Peacekeepers to it’s side of the border.

>> On May 22 Egyptians blockaded the Strait of Tiran cutting off the port of Eiliat. Israel had long warned Egypt that cutting the port would mean war.

1.    The blockade lasted less than a week
2.  The blockade ended a week before Israel attacked
3.  No one, not the UN nor the US agreed with Israel’s claim that it was an act of war.

>> On May 30 Jordan signed a pact with Egypt giving Egypt command of its army.There close to 400,000 troops and thousands of tanks arrayed against Israel.

Israel attacked egypt, so Jordan were obliged to defend Egypt.

>> There was also a long history of terrorist raids into Israel and shelling by Syria from the Golan heights at civilian targets.

And a much longer history of terrorist raids into Egypt by Israel. As for the Golan, Moshe Dayan admitted that Isrel were responsible for 80% of the provocations of Syria.

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By Trailer Lights, June 8, 2011 at 11:33 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

If the people has enough stamina to face the truth then its not hard to face everything or make peace in life.

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, June 8, 2011 at 9:16 pm Link to this comment

Israel Attacks America

Insiders and Angry Survivors Speak Out On The Deadly Assault On A U.S. Naval Vessel

By Paul Craig Roberts

“On -JUNE 8, 1967. On the fourth day of the Six Day War between Israel and Egypt, Syria and Jordan, the USS Liberty was positioned in in­ternational waters off the coast of Egypt. Israeli aircraft had flown over the vessel in the morn­ing and had reported that it was American.

In close proximity to the war zone, the Liberty’s crew was reassured by the presence of Israeli aircraft. But at 2:00 p.m., sailors sun­bathing on the deck saw fighter jets approach­ing in attack formation. Red flashes from the wings of the fighters were followed by explosions, blood and death. A beau­tiful afternoon in the eastern Mediterranean suddenly became a nightmare. Who was at­tacking the Liberty and why?

The attack on the Liberty was an attack on the United States of America. The Liberty was an intelligence ship. Its purpose was to monitor Soviet and Arab communications in order to warn both Tel Aviv and Washing­ton should the Soviets enter the war on behalf of their Arab allies. The Liberty was armed only with four machine guns to repel boarders. Its request for a destroyer escort had been denied.

The assault on the Liberty is well docu­mented. With no warning, the Liberty was attacked by successive waves of unmarked jets deploying cannons, rockets and napalm. The attacking jets jammed all of the U.S. communications frequencies, an indication they knew the Liberty was American.

The air assault failed to sink the ship. About 30 minutes into the attack, three torpedo boats appeared. Flying the Star of David, the vessels were not on a rescue mission. They proceeded to attack the Liberty with cannons, machine guns and torpedoes. One torpedo struck the Liberty midship, instantly kill­ing 25 Americans while flooding the lower decks. The Israeli torpedo boats later struck the life rafts the Liberty crew had launched when preparing to abandon ship, sending the message that there would be no survivors.

At approximately 3:15 two French-built Israeli helicopters carrying armed troops appeared over the Liberty. Phil Tourney could see their faces only 50 to 60 feet away. He gave them the finger. Surviving crew members are convinced the Israelis were sent to board and kill all survivors. The Israeli jets destroyed the Liberty ’s communication antennas.

While under attack, crew members strung lines that permit­ted the ship to send a call for help. Once notified, the Sixth Fleet comman­der ordered the carriers USS America and USS Saratoga to launch fighters to drive off or destroy the attackers. The unencrypted order was picked up by Israel, which immediately called off its attack. The torpedo boats and the hovering helicopters sped away. Tel Aviv quickly notified Washington that it had mis­takenly attacked an American intelligence ship, and the U.S. fighters were recalled. However, a subsequent rescue mission was aborted by direct orders from Washington.

The USS Liberty suffered 70% casualties, with 34 killed and at least 171 wounded. Al­though the expensive, then-state-of-the­art vessel was kept afloat by the heroic crew, it later proved unsalvageable and was sold as scrap.”

Why Didn’t Help Come?

“Dead in the Water—a 2002 BBC docu­mentary on the Israeli raid—reported that confusion about the attacker’s identity almost resulted in a U.S. assault on Egypt. Richard Parker, at the time this country’s political counselor in Cairo, confirmed in the documentary that he received official communication that an American retaliatory attack on Egypt was imminent.”


Click on link for the rest:

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, June 8, 2011 at 9:08 pm Link to this comment


“According to Helms, Battle and the minutes of a White House meeting, Johnson believed the attack was intentional. Helms says LBJ was furious and complained when the New York Times buried the story on page 29, but that the President finally decided he had to publicly accept Israel’s explanation. “The political pressure was too much,” Helms said.

U.S. communications personnel, intelligence analysts and ambassadors all report having read U.S. intercepts of Israeli orders to attack the Liberty. In one intercept an Israeli pilot reports that the Liberty is an American ship and asks for a repeat and clarification of his orders to attack an American ship.

An Israeli who identified himself as one of the pilots involved later came to America and met with U.S. Representative Pete McCloskey and Liberty survivors. The airman said he had refused to participate in the attack when he saw that the target was an American ship. He was arrested upon returning to base.

The Liberty flew the Stars and Stripes. The ship’s pendant number GTR-5, measured several feet in height on both sides of the bow. On the stern the name of the vessel was clearly denoted in large letters of the Latin alphabet. Mistaking the Liberty for an Egyptian ship, as Israel claims to have done, was impossible.

Tattered Flags Show Ferocity of the Attacks: The Israelis claim the Liberty flew no flag, but two U.S. flags full of holes from the attack exist. When the first was shot down, crewmen replaced it. Measuring 13 feet across, this flag—bearing battle scars—is on display at the NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum in Fort Mead, Maryland.

Admiral John S. McCain Jr., the father of the current U.S. senator, ordered Admiral Isaac C. Kidd and Captain Ward Boston to hold a court of inquiry and to complete the investigation in only one week. In a signed affidavit, Captain Boston said President Johnson ordered a coverup and that he and Admiral Kidd were prevented from doing a real investigation. Liberty survivors were ordered never to speak to anyone about the incident. Their silence was finally broken in 1980 when Random House published Lieutenant Commander James Ennes Jr.’s book Assault on the Liberty.

It is now established fact that the attack on the Liberty was intentional and was covered up by President Johnson and every administration since. There has never been a Congressional investigation, nor have the majority of survivors ever officially testified. Moreover, testimony that conflicted with the coverup was deleted from the official record.

Disgusted by the U.S. government’s official stance discounting the survivors’ reports, Admiral Thomas Moorer—retired Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—organized and headed a commission to make public the known facts about the attack and coverup. The Moorer Commission also included Admiral Merlin Staring (former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy), Marine Corps General Raymond G. Davis and James Akins (onetime U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia).

The commission’s October 22, 2003, report concluded: “That there is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew.

“That fearing conflict with Israel, the White House deliberately prevented the U.S. Navy from coming to the defense of USS Liberty by recalling Sixth Fleet military rescue support while the ship was under attack.

“[That] surviving crew members were later threatened with ‘court-martial, imprisonment or worse’ if they exposed the truth; and [the survivors] were abandoned by their own government.

“That there has been an official coverup without precedent in American naval history.

“That a danger to our national security exists whenever our elected officials are willing to subordinate American interests to those of any foreign nation.””

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, June 8, 2011 at 8:38 pm Link to this comment

By walterbard, June 8 at 6:47 pm

“To Robert. There were several Congressional investigations into the Liberty incident and all of them concluded that Israeli jets mistook
the Liberty for an Egyptian ship.
The U.S. did not tell Israel that the Liberty was in the war zone. What possible reason would Israel have to attack a U.S. ship? No, the Liberty. was not monitoring Israeli movements in the Golan.
The Liberty was monitoring Soviet ships. The antennae on the roof of the American embassy in Tel aviv was closer and did a better job of tracking Israeli troops liberating the Golan Heights.”

~~~~~~~~ it possible for you to post a link/source(s) to back up your “zionist’s deceptive rot”? Your zionist propaganda can’t stand up to the TRUTH!!! 

The U.S. did not tell Israel that the Liberty was in the war zone. What possible reason would Israel have to attack a U.S. ship?

Israel’s goal/motive was to kill every American on the USS Liberty Ship and let it sink to the bottom of the sea. Once this goal is completed, then they would blame Egypt for the act of war…so Egypt would have to deal with the whole incident.

If Egypt can be blamed…America would most likely attack Egypt and you must know Israel’s Mossad motto…“By Way Of Deception, Thou Shall Do War”.

Read below regarding Israeli pilots who recognized the USS Liberty as an American ship…for the rest of the facts & sources:


BBC Documentary on the USS Liberty:

“Dead in the Water”

Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an Israeli war room where he heard that pilot’s radio report. The attacking pilots and everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American ship, the major said. He recanted the statement only after he received threatening phone calls from Israel.

The pilot’s protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has confirmed this. Porter told his story to syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak and offered to submit to further questioning by authorities. Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing these first-person accounts of Israeli treachery. [Washington Report]”


Click on link for the rest of the facts/details:

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By Nancy, June 8, 2011 at 8:33 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Amazing! Truth is coming OUT! The light is SHINING!!

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brewerstroupe's avatar

By brewerstroupe, June 8, 2011 at 7:45 pm Link to this comment

Snapshots from Gush Etzion, a fortified enclave over which a fierce battle was fought:

Yigal Allon (1970) and Martin Gilbert (1977) both state that fifteen Jews were killed after surrendering - by irregulars incensed by the massacre at Deir Yassin.

Yaacov Edelstein and Yitzhak Ben-Sira tried to hide but they were discovered by an old Arab. Then a group of Arab irregulars rushed up and threw them against a wall. The old Arab tried to shield them with his body. As they argued, two Arab Legionnaires came up and took the two Jews under their protection.

Eliza Fauktwanger (Palmach) was about to be raped by irregulars when an Arab Legion officer (Captain Hikmat Mihyar) arrived, shot two of the perpetrators and sent the rest away. Afterwards the officer gave her bread, waited until she finished eating, and said to her (quote) “You are under my protection”.

Mount Scopus.

The Haganah had used Mount Scopus as an outpost and a base for a raid on the village of Wadi al-Joz on February 26, as part of the struggle to defend convoys and transportation in north Jerusalem.
Abdul Kader Husseini, threatened that Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University would be captured or destroyed “if the Jews continued to use them as bases for attacks”
The Red Cross had offered to put Mount Scopus under its flag on condition that the area be demilitarized, but the Haganah declined the proposal.
On April 13, a convoy of two Haganah escort cars, two ambulances and two buses set off for the hospital in the early morning The leading vehicle was hit by a mine and the convoy came under attack by Arab forces. One of the first men on the scene was Major Jack Churchill, who offered to evacuate members of the convoy in an APC. His offer was refused. This is probably why:
On April 15, 1948, the American Consul in Jerusalem, Thomas C. Wasson, reported that an “American correspondent eye witnessed removal from trucks large quantities of arms and ammuntion.

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By walterbard, June 8, 2011 at 6:47 pm Link to this comment

to patrick Henry
Revisionist history??
Just read any newspaper from May to June 1967.
It’s wasn’t history then, it was news. You’re
the joke.
To Robert.

“Deir Yassin was only one of many massacres
in 1948” (sic)
There were the massacres at Gush Etzion
and Mount Scopus. But of course those were only Jews who were massacred. And to the antisemites here that doesn’t matter.

To Robert. There were several Congressional investigations into the Liberty incident and all of them concluded that Israeli jets mistook
the Liberty for an Egyptian ship.
The U.S. did not tell Israel that the Liberty was in the war zone. What possible reason would Israel have to attack a U.S. ship? No, the Liberty. was not monitoring Israeli movements in the Golan.
The Liberty was monitoring Soviet ships. The antennae on the roof of the American embassy in Tel aviv was closer and did a better job of tracking Israeli troops liberating the Golan Heights.

Diamond you’re beneath contempt. Just read the transcripts of the Nuremberg trials if you can read.

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By gerard, June 8, 2011 at 3:31 pm Link to this comment

Surfnow: According to your statement, does “to matter” mean “to dominate”?
For me, it means more “to be significant, to be of value.  It’s a fuzzy word in any case—easy to misunderstand.
  Does it matter?  Does it concern you, do you care about it, does it make a difference, is it significant?  It matters to me what I do. It also matters to me what you do. And what we, or they, do—or don’t do—or know and don’t know, or think and don’t think.  Does it contain any significance? etc.  What’s the matter?  (Do you feel okay?) The matter at hand ... (under discussion).
“It matters not what others may say, but as for me,
Give me liberty or give me death.” Interesting ambiguities!

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, June 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm Link to this comment

I guess it takes an Israeli, a son of a General who’s an Israeli national folk hero to tell us what we already know about Israel…..hardly.

My hats off to him, I appreciate his honesty and candor.  I hope he doesn’t wake up one day with liver cancer.  We’re dealing with snakes here.


Your pro-Israel revionist history/blather is a joke.
Go peddle it somewhere else.

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By diamond, June 8, 2011 at 2:50 pm Link to this comment


So where was this desperate counterattack launched from? You seem incapable of understanding that all the land that is now Israel is occupied land - it was taken by force with great brutality and killing of civilians and never paid for. The houses and business were stolen and the booty that was removed was evidence removed from a crime scene. Your dismissal of Peled is motivated by hatred and contempt for anyone who tells the truth. The ‘disgusting fraud’ is not Peled or his father but Israel’s claim to be the victim when it is and always has been the aggressor - and a nuclear armed aggressor at that.

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, June 8, 2011 at 1:59 pm Link to this comment

Finkelstein on the June 1967 War

Norman Finkelstein: In order to understand the build up to the war the best place to begin is November, 1966. There was an Israeli retaliatory, as they call it, attack on a Jordanian village called Samu. In the course of this attack on Samu they blew up around 125 buildings and killed a large number of Jordanian soldiers.

When that attack happened the Jordanians and also the Syrians began to attack Nasser for not coming to their defense. Here was this Egyptian president claiming to be the leader of Arab nationalism and Pan-Arabism and he was doing nothing. Nasser was being taunted for his, as it were, impotence in the face of Israeli aggression.

And there were various incidents in the Syrian Golan Heights and also by Syrian-backed Palestinian commandos. Now there there’s a certain amount of confusion which is important to clarify. Moshe Dayan, who became the defense minister during the June ‘67 war, gave an interview in 1976 in which he acknowledges, and now I’m more or less quoting him, that 80%, he said at least 80%, but I’ll say 80% of the incidents with the Syrians were instigated by us. That we were engaged, now I’m using my language, but it’s I think a correct paraphrase, we were engaged in a land grab in what were called the demilitarized zones between Syria and Israel. And in the course of this land grab there were conflicts arising with the Syrians. And it was only as a result of these conflicts that the Syrians then would fire artillery from the Golan Heights on the Israelis. So Moshe Dayan himself acknowledged that was instigated by the Israelis.

In April, just let me get right up to the point where the count down, as it were, begins. In April 1967 one of those incidents instigated by the Israelis then unfolded into an aerial battle with the Syrians. And the Israelis knocked down 6 Syrian planes, 6 Syrian Migs, including 1 over Damascus. And it was at this point again when Nasser is being taunted that “you’re not doing anything.”

Things then start deteriorating between Israel and the Syrians. Come the beginning of May Israel is making clear that it’s going to engage in a large scale strike against Syria and now the test is for Nasser. Are you going to do anything about it? The Israelis are announcing over and over again, the generals, the statesmen, that we’re going to give Syria now a serious blow. And it’s at that point that Nasser announces, or Nasser tells Secretary General [not “of State”] U Thant, that the peace keeping force which had been stationed between Israel and Egypt in the Sinai, that peace keeping force should be withdrawn. And that’s the beginning of the count down to the war.


Click on link for the rest/details:

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brewerstroupe's avatar

By brewerstroupe, June 8, 2011 at 1:42 pm Link to this comment

“The son of a general is not a general.”

Peled Snr became a prominent peace activist before liver cancer took him out. Before his death he founded the Arabic Literature Department at Tel Aviv University, the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (ICIPP) (with Uri Avnery) which called for Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied in 1967. Peled Snr outspokenly supported the reserve soldiers who refused to take part in the 1982 Lebanese war.

That Nasser did not want nor could afford War in 1967 is now a matter of record despite the efforts of spin-meisters like Oren whom Finkelstein demolishes here:

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By walterbard, June 8, 2011 at 11:25 am Link to this comment

The son of a general is not a general. This disgusting fraud Peled is using his father’s name
to garner an undeserved credibility. There are so many lies and distortions that it’s impossible to rebut them all in a few paragraphs.
A few facts conveniently omitted by Peled.
Some facts: The causes of 1967 war were far from existential.
Egyptian forces entered the Sinai in force on May 15. On May 18 General Murtagi, the Egyptian Commander of forces in the Sinai, declared an Order of the Day, which was broadcasted on Cairo Radio May 18: “The Egyptian forces have taken up positions in accordance with our predetermined plans. The morale of our armed forces is very high, for this is the day they have so long been waiting for, for this holy war.”

Syrian forces were massed on the Golan heights.
On May 16th Egypt told the U.N. to remove its buffer force from the Sinai and the U.N. did.
On May 22 Egyptians blockaded the Strait of Tiran cutting off the port of Eiliat. Israel had long warned
Egypt that cutting the port would mean war.
On May 30 Jordan signed a pact with Egypt giving Egypt command of its army.
There close to 400,000 troops and thousands of tanks arrayed against Israel.
There was also a long history of terrorist raids
into Israel and shelling by Syria from the Golan
heights at civilian targets.

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By reynolds, June 8, 2011 at 10:21 am Link to this comment

only three?

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By surfnow, June 8, 2011 at 10:17 am Link to this comment

No, without MSM support, standing up doesn’t matter. I was at the NYC antiwar demonstration in March, 2003 along with 500,000 others, and the story appeared on the bottom of page 29 in the Post. Why do you think conservatives have gone out of their way to control virtually all of the media?

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By gerard, June 8, 2011 at 10:03 am Link to this comment

Surfnow:  It “doesn’t matter” that some people stand up to defend human rights?  It “doesn’t matter” that
heroes defend abused populations?  It doesn’t matter that some people insist upon doing the right thing?  It doesn’t matter if nobody discovers a cure for polio, tb, aids etc?  It doesn’t matter when a passer-by pulls a bully off a little kid on his way to school?  Eve Ensler doesn’t matter?  The Berrigan Brothers didn’t matter?  Albert Einstein didn’t matter?  Abe Lincoln didn’t matter?  Please!

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, June 8, 2011 at 9:06 am Link to this comment

Rockets, Napalm, Torpedoes & Lie

Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty, Revisited


“In early June of 1967, at the onset of the Six Day War, the Pentagon sent the USS Liberty from Spain into international waters off the coast of Gaza to monitor the progress of Israel’s attack on the Arab states. The Liberty was a lightly armed surveillance ship.

Only hours after the Liberty arrived it was spotted by the Israeli military. The IDF sent out reconnaissance planes to identify the ship. They made eight trips over a period of three hours. The Liberty was flying a large US flag and was easily recognizable as an American vessel.

A few hours later more planes came. These were Israeli Mirage III fighters, armed with rockets and machine guns. As off-duty officers sunbathed on the deck, the fighters opened fire on the defenseless ship with rockets and machine guns.

A few minutes later a second wave of planes streaked overhead, French-built Mystere jets, which not only pelted the ship with gunfire but also with napalm bomblets, coating the deck with the flaming jelly. By now, the Liberty was on fire and dozens were wounded and killed, excluding several of the ship’s top officers.

The Liberty’s radio team tried to issue a distress call, but discovered the frequencies had been jammed by the Israeli planes with what one communications specialist called “a buzzsaw sound”. Finally, an open channel was found and the Liberty got out a message to the USS America, the Sixth Fleet’s large aircraft carrier, that it was under attack

Two F-4s left the carrier to come to the Liberty’s aid. Apparently, the jets were armed only with nuclear weapons. When word reached the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara became irate and ordered the jets to return. “Tell the Sixth Fleet to get those aircraft back immediately,” he barked. McNamara’s injunction was reiterated in saltier terms by Admiral David L. McDonald, the chief of Naval Operations: “You get those fucking airplanes back on deck, and you get them back down.” The planes turned around. And the attack on the Liberty continued.

After the Israeli fighter jets had emptied their arsenal of rockets, three Israeli attack boats approached the Liberty. Two torpedoes were launched at the crippled ship, one tore a 40-foot wide hole in the hull, flooding the lower compartments, and killing more than a dozen American sailors.

As the Liberty listed in the choppy seas, its deck aflame, crew members dropped life rafts into the water and prepared to scuttle the ship. Given the number of wounded, this was going to be a dangerous operation. But it soon proved impossible, as the Israeli attack boats strafed the rafts with machine gun fire. No body was going to get out alive that way.

After more than two hours of unremitting assault, the Israelis finally halted their attack. One of the torpedo boats approached the Liberty. An officer asked in English over a bullhorn: “Do you need any help?”

The wounded commander of the Liberty, Lt. William McGonagle, instructed the quartermaster to respond emphatically: “Fuck you.”

The Israeli boat turned and left.

A Soviet destroyer responded before the US Navy, even though a US submarine, on a covert mission, was apparently in the area and had monitored the attack. The Soviet ship reached the Liberty six hours before the USS Davis. The captain of the Soviet ship offered his aid, but the Liberty’s commanding officer refused.

Finally, 16 hours after the attack two US destroyers reached the Liberty. By that time, 34 US sailors were dead and 174 injured, many seriously. As the wounded were being evacuated, an officer with the Office of Naval Intelligence instructed the men not to talk to the press about their ordeal.


Click on link…on June 8th, 1967:

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By GoyToy, June 8, 2011 at 6:29 am Link to this comment

If people had the courage to accept the truth, there would be peace.

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By Salome, June 8, 2011 at 6:26 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

I have no connection, or affection, for Israel, but as an American citizen I would be willing to contract the U.S., and give, say, Florida, to the Israelis to have as their State.  Americans living in Florida could stay if they wished, or be re-settled in the upper 49, at government expense.
I’m not sure how comfortable Americans would feel with a nuclear-armed Israel bordering our southern states but we seem to think that Arabs should be comfortable with a nuclear-armed Israel in their midst while simultaneously insisting that Palestine be de-militarized.

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By surfnow, June 8, 2011 at 6:04 am Link to this comment

It doesn’t matter how many hundreds or even thousands of Israelis ” are rising” with the Palestinians, anymore than it mattered that millions of Americans were opposed to the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. What the MSM says goes-and concerning the Middle East, they say Israel is never wrong.

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By The Blog Fodder, June 8, 2011 at 5:48 am Link to this comment

Israel is nothing more than a European colony in the Middle East.  It was tried before about 1000 years ago and as long as Europe supplied soldiers and money it was able to keep the land relatively secure. Hence the need for USA support.

Europeans established another colony, in North America, which they were able to keep as they wiped out the indigenous population.  This won’t work for Israel. Although Israeli views of Arabs are quite similar to white European settlers views of Indians.  Just so much trash to be pushed out of the way and if they fight back, instead of “savages” they are branded terrorists.

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By surfnow, June 8, 2011 at 5:20 am Link to this comment

Don’t expect Mr.Peled to be interviewed on CNN by Wolf Blitzer anytime soon. In fact, American Zionists like Blitzer and Alan Dershowitz will just dismiss him as another ” self-hating Jew” and that will be that. Excellent interview and it seems like an excellent book- again, it’s sinful that it will not be discussed on the Amerikan MSM.

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By Reverend Unruh, June 8, 2011 at 5:11 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Terrific video, thank you for posting it!

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mindful's avatar

By mindful, June 8, 2011 at 4:51 am Link to this comment

Isreali history could be different and peace might have come, if nationalisms had not trumped diplomacy.
The very cry that all the Arab nation is emensely powerful and wishes the total distruction of Israe is yet another myth.

Its bought into by Americans who are some of the most illiterate people and religiously supestitious on Earth. The PBS show just re-broadcast, that Religion in America is a good thing, just keeps the myths going and justifes supestition.

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By JustGimmeSomeTruth, June 8, 2011 at 4:44 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

It’s rather appalling that the responses to this effort to unmask Israeli whitewashes from 1948 involve Holocaust denial.  Moderators, that is not acceptable.

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Robert's avatar

By Robert, June 7, 2011 at 9:37 pm Link to this comment

Tony Greenstein’s Blog

23 November 2010

Deir Yassin was only one of many massacres in 1948

The Massacres of 1948

Not Only Deir Yassin

By Guy Erlich, Ha’ir,

<i> “After Lydda gave up the fight, a group of stubborn Arab fighters barricaded themselves in the small mosque. The commander of the Palmach’s 3rd Battalion, Moshe Kalman, gave an order to fire a number of blasts towards the mosque. The soldiers who forced their way into the mosque were surprised to find no resistance. On the walls of the mosque they found the remains of the Arab fighters. A group of between twenty to fifty Arab inhabitants was brought to clean up the mosque and bury the remains. After they finished their work, they were also shot into the graves they dug.

The Jewish American journalist Dan Kurtzman, heard this testimony from Moshe Kalman, who has meanwhile died, while he was writing his book ‘In the Beginning 1948 (Bereshit 1948)’ about the War of Independence. As Kurtzman did not want to hurt the State of Israel, he did not include this testimony, but told this story to Israeli historian Aryeh Yitzhaki, when they met in the IDF archives, when Kurtzman was there working on his book. Kurtzman, who is now visiting Israel in connection with his new book (incidentally, these days a new edition of his older book is coming out), confirmed - after some hesitation - that he heard this testimony from Moshe Kalman.

Since its establishment, the State of Israel keeps a conspiracy of silence concerning massacres committed in the War of Independence. The only massacre acknowledged in official publications is that of Deir Yassin, perhaps because it was perpetrated by the IZL (Irgun). Books and press reports have referred to dozens of cases, but only partially and incompletely. Yitzhaki corroborates this impression: ‘I read all the documents in the IDF archives written about the War of Independence. In the course of years I became especially alert to anything concerning the massacres.’ Yitzhaki is a lecturer in the Bar Ilan University [Tel Aviv] in the Faculty of Eretz Yisrael Studies and is also senior lecturer in the field of military history in IDF courses for officers. In the sixties he served as director of the IDF archives within the framework of his IDF service in his capacity as historian.

Yitzhaki assembled all the testimonies and documents concerning the subject matter and waited for the right time to publish. “The time has come,” he says, “for a generation has passed, and it is now possible to face the ocean of lies in which we were brought up. In almost every conquered village in the War of Independence, acts were committed, which are defined as war crimes, such as indiscriminate killings, massacres and rapes. I believe that such things end by surfacing. The only question is how to face such evidence.”

<i>According to Yitzhaki, about ten major massacres were committed in the course of the War of Independence (i.e. more than fifty victims in each massacre) and about hundred smaller massacres (of individuals or small groups). According to him, these massacres had an enormous impact on the Arab population, by inducing their (departure) from the country.

Yitzhaki: “For many Israelis it was easier to find consolation in the lie, that the Arabs left the country under orders from their leaders. This is an absolute fabrication. The fundamental cause of their flight was their fear from Israeli retribution and this fear was not at all imaginary. From almost each report in the IDF archives concerning the conquest of Arab villages between May and July 1948 - when clashes with Arab villagers were the fiercest - a smell of massacre emanates.”


Click on link for details:

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By Son of Palestine, June 7, 2011 at 8:45 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Thank you Miko Peled for being a courageous voice for truth, peace and justice! I am adding your name to my short list of modern times heroes. You’re truly a sincere brother in humanity; and as a son of Palestime who have suffered greately from the wrongs and terrorism of official Zionist Isreal, always supported by official terrorist USA, I am willing to forgive and forget if peace ever comes to materialize between the oppressors and the oppressed!

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By diamond, June 7, 2011 at 7:55 pm Link to this comment

“The big killer in the camps was typhus, the Nazis used Zyklon-B to fumigate buildings, and in special rooms to fumigate clothing, to kill lice which spread typhus, this is not disputed.  There were the only real gas chambers in the camps.”

Someone once told me that it wasn’t true that six million Jews had died in the camps. I told him that if six Jews had died in such circumstances it was six too many. But, of course, I feel the same way about the Palestinians. Not to do so would be completely unjust in my opinion. I don’t think there’s much point in disputing the specifics of the holocaust: it happened, and something horrific and genocidal certainly happened to all those Jews, and priests and dissidents, however you play with the story. But I would simply like the Palestinian holocaust to get equal time and equal attention and equal accountability. As Peled points out, it is the fact that Palestinian lives are viewed as worth ‘nothing’ that lies at the heart of all this hate and oppression: but the point of that, is that those who see the Palestinians as worthless and less than human don’t have to feel guilty for what they have done and are doing to them. It’s a well known psychological protection: one that was prevalent in Nazi society too. The same thing that allowed slave owners in the American South to buy and sell other human beings as if they were animals. It’s called ‘compartmentalized morality’.

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By gerard, June 7, 2011 at 5:22 pm Link to this comment

Please read the publication named “The Other Israel”—a newspaper which comes out every month or so, containing detailed information about both Israelis and Palestinians working together to try to bring about an end to the occupation and a just long-term solution to disagreements and problems of the area.

It is a great shame that such information almost never makes it into the American public media in any form whatsoever.  Yet it is essential for knowing
more fully what is going on in that sad area of the Middle East.

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John R.'s avatar

By John R., June 7, 2011 at 5:09 pm Link to this comment

If there is any hope, I believe it will be in the distant future long after all of us commenting on this site are dead.

Perhaps, in our afterlife (if any) there will be a gathering of spirits, souls, etc. and a discussion might take place.

This discussion may steer toward the vain of those whom attempted change for peace, those that while were on earth in they’re human form, spoke up and brought truth to light, even in the face of masses of opposing opinions; that man only serves himself, his greed, and his need for attention and power, and will not, cannot change.

Another fantasy of course. A dream only, by any other name.

But if in that future, there is peace, and all are treated equal and all children, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, are safe from war - then the truth and attempts seeded here, in the now, have finally sprouted.

The truth is always welcome today, it’s all that’s left. Wars or no wars right now.

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UreKismet's avatar

By UreKismet, June 7, 2011 at 4:37 pm Link to this comment

Wanna-be israeli politicians standing with Palestinians are just more of the same self interested zionist sociopaths who began the post ww2 ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley.  They aim to do by stealth that which their parents began - the obliteration of the indigenous people and culture of Palestine.  The parents did it with guns and rape, the children want to be liked by the rest of the world, even while they occupy stolen land, so they will use weasel words, disease, political and economic sanction to smile while they steal.
There can be no peace as long as there is a state called Israel.
People who fool themselves that israel is an established fact no nothing of the history of the area.  Europeans have invaded, occupied and settled before, staying a lot longer than the half century these killers have clung on for.  Yet every time the inevitable force of reality has played out once the invaders’ lies about ‘holy missions’ are shown up to be the corrupt economic shystering they always were, back in in the states that funded them.
Once the lies stop working back in the invaders’ host states, and the killers have to make their own way, the reality of being a handful of self serving psychopaths in an area surrounded by ordinary normal humans who see them for what they are, forces them out again.
The only thing that ever comes from these fantasyland episodes rooted in ancient superstitions is lots of killing and the reinforcement of enmity amongst humans.  That may satisfy western tyrants such as Oblamblam, who is determined to maintain the political status quo, but it is bad for all the rest of us everywhere.
People who want a jewish state should set it up in central europe where these ‘israelis’ emanated from.  Even better in amerika where all the guns and money to fund the killing of millions of Palestinians was raised.

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By gerard, June 7, 2011 at 2:04 pm Link to this comment

It is important to realize that this man is just one of hundreds—maybe thousands—of Israeli Jews who are have risen and are rising every day to stand with the Palestinian nonviolent movement for peace and justice.  They are part of the tremendous movement rising throughout the Middle East to insist upon the absolute necessity of self-determination, friendship and mutual understanding.

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