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Apr 18, 2014

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‘Left, Right & Center’: Perry’s Brain Freeze, Presidential Wannabes

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Posted on Nov 11, 2011

Can Texas Gov. Rick Perry come back from the brink of PR disaster after Wednesday night’s debate gaffe? It sure helped the embattled but tenacious Herman Cain, as the “Left, Right & Center” brain trust discusses on this week’s show.

This week’s panel—with Robert Scheer on the left, Tony Blankley on the right and guests Ed Kilgore and Matt Continetti chiming in—mulls the current state of Campaign 2012, takes stock of election results from several states and looks into the latest from Italy, among other newsy bits, for your entertainment and enrichment. Have a listen below.  —KA



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Shenonymous's avatar

By Shenonymous, November 14, 2011 at 5:22 am Link to this comment

Here are 561 words: 

Some earn it and some don’t.  Earning it is not the problem.  It is
the reason for the rate of return and the quality of the society when
the rate is lopsided. Historically, it is well known fact that the rich
exploit the poor and they gain other unfair benefits on the labor of
those not in the wealthy strata, and thus should return some of
those benefits.  “The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking.
Here Are the Stats to Prove it,”

Through history: - The History of England - The History of Athens - can’t forget Marx

The examples are unending and I could speak unendingly on the
absurd asymmetry of the financial distribution in this country.

Speaking economically philosophical to the pecuniary interests that
is first and foremost in the minds of the wealthy, a larger middle
class benefits a society economically by enabling more people to be
consumers, while providing equal opportunities, hence more of that
freedom you so cherish, for individuals to reach a better standard of
living.  I and others call it distributive justice.  The utilitarian wealthy
would be concerned that in bringing about the best possible results
of a society, it creates the most stable society.  It is called the synergy
of a society.  As we see in the news many of the extremely wealthy are
favorable to paying more taxes for that very purpose.  Human rights are
of most concern to the “liberal” minded, and the resources available to a
society ought to be distributed fairly (justly).

Furthermore, there is a duty of societies to their citizens in need
and morally that all individuals have the duty to help others in need. 
Dr. Paul and all libertarians think all ought to be completely responsible
for their own welfare even to the point of survival. I agree that individuals
ought to be responsible for themselves, to a point… when for some
reasonable reason, they cannot be and their survival is at stake.  When
it is impossible to provide for one’s own welfare then I believe it is the
responsibility of the society to provide it.  If this is not true, then the
whole premise of the sanctity of human life goes into the toilet and the
hypocrisy of the Republicans is revealed once again.

There are doctors who are altruistic but it is a vanishing virtue.  Doctors
who participate in the Doctors Without Borders, doctors who work pro
bono for the poor, (a certain set of hours of which ought to be required
in my estimation), are two well-known ways doctors have expressed their
altruistic sensibility.  Doctors who respond to world disasters who donate
hours of their time to help victims are another way doctors show the
caring side of their humanity.  But doctors have traditionally enjoyed
material and financial security.  I have had plenty of experience with
doctors and almost all of them had only my health in mind and deed and
a couple of them saved my life with their skill and knowledge.  Two did
not and basically were evil doers, so these type of medicinemen do exist. 
But this is a side issue except you moaned about it.  And F’ Pol Pot, it
isn’t a question of social esteem in Ron Paul’s case.

His relative wealth compared to other Republicans is a diversion. 

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Egomet Bonmot's avatar

By Egomet Bonmot, November 13, 2011 at 10:04 pm Link to this comment

In 750 words on the maldistribution of wealth you can’t find a nice word to say for the ones doing the work?  That wealth has to be earned first before it’s distributed.

Doctors as evildoers is a tough sell—even Pol Pot would have a tough time with that.  Name a society or epoch where the medicine man or woman hasn’t been esteemed.

And Paul is among the least rich of the Republican candidates out there, so that’s a non-starter.  Obama has a higher net worth than Paul.

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Shenonymous's avatar

By Shenonymous, November 13, 2011 at 6:43 pm Link to this comment

As a liberal, I decidedly am not libertarian.  Freedom comes not as
absolute.  There are tradeoffs when choosing to live within a society. 
And the larger the society, the less freedom humans have.  Nor am I
anarchistic. I believe in government and government regulations, and
as a matter of fact I support more regulation.  The fact that Ron Paul
put his money into gold after advocating the gold standard does
nothing to persuade me he isn’t out to make more of a fortune in his
chosen investment.  How does a Congressman of his time in office
get to earn such a fortune anyway? 

Doctors ought to give pro bono service for the less privileged given
the fortunes they make on everyone else.  One never hears about
poverty stricken doctors.  Too bad there are the less privileged,
underprivileged on account of the disparate distribution of the wealth
in this country.  I don’t have to defend what is already huge news and
one of the motivations of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Strange
Ron Paul says they have a right to be angry!  He is using political
sophistry since we all know his libertarian views would never support
a redistribution of the wealth in this country.  To hell with the spot-
inspections, Ron Paul is a pro-life advocate.  It is absurd to investigate
miscarriages that have been part of humanity since humans came into
existence.  It is just another Republican excuse to invade a woman’s
body and encroach even more into her privacy.  To hell with that, and
to hell with all the men who would deny a woman the right to her own
body.  The hypocritical contradiction is that the liberty you so forcefully
defend would not defend a woman’s right to her own body.  What the F’
kind of liberty is that?  Oh yeah…

It is the entire health and medical provider industry that is at fault
for the astronomical costs of health care, from doctors, hospitals,
pharmaceuticals, and health equipment. If those costs were regulated
insurance would not be a problem.  Private Insurance is a scam business
anyway.  They speculate on more money coming in than spent on sick
patients or preventive to keep humans healthy so they can make a
financial killing investing the income in abeyance from premiums on
moneymaking deals.  Singlepayer insurance is what would right most of
the wrongs in the health care business.  Dr. Paul is so callous saying that
a man who did not have insurance to cover his care, well too bad for him,
he does not deserve health care.  He would close the doors to the
uninsured.  To hell with Dr. Paul.

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Egomet Bonmot's avatar

By Egomet Bonmot, November 13, 2011 at 4:58 pm Link to this comment


Paul had years of vocal advocacy for the gold standard on the floor of Congress before he ever held a long position in gold.  If anything his record shows that, right or wrong, he walks the walk of his convictions.  He believes that Federal Reserve notes as legal tender are doomed to failure—ymmv.

Onto the abomination—Paul’s stand on medical insurance.  He argues that most doctors give tens of thousands of dollars in pro bono medical care each year (he certainly did), that care for the indigent is built into the Hyppocratic Oath, and that it’s insurers who have been responsible for US medical costs skyrocketing at four times the rate of increase of wages and cost of living.

How you equate libertarianism with spot-inspections of women’s clinics or the investigation of miscarriages is a mystery to me.  Libertarianism argues for the polar opposite, i.e. liberty—that’s its main attraction for people on the left.

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Shenonymous's avatar

By Shenonymous, November 12, 2011 at 2:01 pm Link to this comment

Perry and Cain are casket cases.  Pawlenty wisely quit, Bachman is
six feet under, and who ever heard of Gary Johnson?  Of the nine
little dwarfs still left, there are none who can beat Barack Obama. 

Cain raised 9 Million $, not quite dead yet.  A zombie with money. 

Perry, unable to remember, is either a zombie or is like a zombie. 
The only two choices there are for him.

Even though Ron Paul wants to hold the banks accountable, he also
wants to go back to a gold standard. There is something smelly in the
fact that he is the one who has a fortune of gold in his personal treasure
chest.  Also his position on medical care for those not as privileged as
others is an abomination.  His status as a physician does not increase his
qualification for the office of President. First of all he does not recognize
a woman’s right to her own body.  Furthermore, medicinemen (doctors),
have always been around for executions and torturing men/women.  The
Church thought they would provide an inflection of authority to the
misery and suffering inflicted.  It is reported that the worst criminals in
the “Final Solution” were doctors who saw a chance to conduct loathsome
experiments.  When it comes to the rights of women, there are some like
Paul whose libertarian views justify to themselves stripping women of
their essential right as people, which would endanger their lives, would
also require spot inspections of health care facilities, and investigation of
miscarriages.  Also as an American libertarian, he does not actually
believe in liberty for all.  He believes in liberty for rich, white, male elites
who have generally ruled this nation.

There is only one thing to remember, The Republican Party is the Party
Against the People.

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