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Apr 24, 2014

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Campaign 2012: Where’s the GOP?

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Posted on May 11, 2011

According to this AP report on the still-slim Republican pickings for the 2012 election, there are some politico types out there who actually believe that Campaign 2008 got started too early. We thought it was like Christmas: creeping back on the calendar with every rotation.

But apparently there’s some weight to this argument, as compared with the last time ’round, the Republican ranks have a lot of growing to do.  —KA

Associated Press via YouTube:


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Angel Gabriel's avatar

By Angel Gabriel, May 13, 2011 at 3:37 pm Link to this comment

Patrick Henry, I think the best thing American’s can do at this point is come
together behind sound governence principals to fix the wagon wheels that have
fallen off one at a time for over 30 years. That, in my humble opinion is the
critical issue in front of each and every one of you. How you are able to
accomplish that is going to determine whether you sink or swim in the world
You all claim to want to erase corruption and get the country back on track, but
until you do (not just talk but action) nothing is going to stop your demise!
Obama is certainly not the saviour you wanted and it is as clear as the nose on
your face that no answers lie at the feet of ANY political leader currently in the
race. Modern American politics is so closely tied to Big Money from Corporate
interest that you will never get past the starting gate with any of the “party”
candidates. Party’s are technically Corporations looking for stock value profits
for the Stock-Holders interest’s ONLY - Get that through all your heads, quit all
this incessant moaning and do something to pull in the reins!
The world loves American entertainment, but the world knows you are
completely stuffed with the form of entertainment you generate. America has
taken on a Macabre sense of humor since (I was going to say Reagan), but
really, I think it goes back, at least in my lifetime to Nixon. Say one thing and
do the opposite. Truth and honor died with Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy,
JFK, and it has never visited the shores since then.
You folks apparently have no clue of what to do or how to do it when it comes
to restoring truth and honor. Politics is only superceded by one profession as
the worlds oldest big business. Personally, I would prefer to elect a gorgeous,
firey, Red headed hooker with a great body as President for all the good it
would do to bring about change there, and I’m sure she would do a much better
job of entertainment than ANY Party Politician!
You need to stop the Corporatized Military if you want to eliminate the
resistance you face at your borders. You need to regulate ANY business in
contact with “MONEY”. Money thoroughly corrupts the weak. Get a backbone
and get off all these ideological soap boxes! Lecturing anyone on “human
rights” creates a 3 ring Circus event coming from you after the Bush years
torture chambers debut.
Sorry, you are morally and physically used up and it won’t be until you pull back
and re-group amongst yourselves before anything resembling a credible
Country emerges. Watching these blogs for over 10 years now has me
convinced that you haven’t got the ability to turn the ship before it hits the reef
and become food for the fishes! The only question left on the survival of The
United States is - Now that it’s “holed” how much longer will it be before it

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By labman57, May 11, 2011 at 9:22 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

The Republican Party’s task is to thread a political needle—find a candidate
irrational enough to placate the ideologically self-serving conservative base as
well as the homophobic extremists of the Religious Right, the racist birther
contingent, and the xenophobic, secession-happy Tea Party flakes, yet rational
enough to satisfy the rest of America.

The current batch of potential Republican candidates is so pathetically weak
and so obsessed with coddling the birthers and the tea party extremists,
Obama needs to be concerned about becoming complacent in his preparations
for the 2012 campaign.

Pawlenty and Romney have been attempting to squeeze through the needle’s
eye, as evidenced by their commitment to the philosophy of political
contrarianism—if Obama is for it, they will be against it, no matter what it
happens to be ... even if it is a policy or program that they once championed.

Most Americans can only tolerate a limited amount of inane and irrational
commentary from our candidates for national office. With clowns such as
Huckabee, Palin, Santorum, and Bachmann, we would be inundated with a daily
barrage of sanctimonious and socially regressive religious doctrine-driven
societal intolerance, comic book-level analyses of complex issues, and
delusional tripe based on unbridled ignorance of the topics being discussed.  In
particular, the latter three are little more than one-dimensional tea party
brown-nosers with a penchant for shallow, inflammatory, snark-filled sound

With Newt and The Donald, we get a couple of guys who are long on ego, short
on ethics.  In addition, Trump has demonstrated that he is willing to say just
about anything—the more hyperbolic, the better— to draw media attention
to himself.  And DeMint and Cain provide us with candidates who cannot evade
their personal racist and/or xenophobic demons.

Good times.

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PatrickHenry's avatar

By PatrickHenry, May 11, 2011 at 5:51 pm Link to this comment

Why should the GOP field a candidate?

Their best choice is already in the White House.

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