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Eunice Wong on ‘Footnotes in Gaza’

Posted on Jan 8, 2010
footnotes in gaza

Click here to enlarge.

By Eunice Wong

(Page 2)

As an Israeli bulldozer demolishes homes and with Palestinian militants shooting at the armored machine, foreign activists chanting through megaphones and camera crews and photographers darting about, Sacco notices a mild-looking man, with a receding, stubbled chin, crouching on the ground. He is tearing up vegetation and stuffing it into a sack. “It’s for my sheep,” he explains. A few pages later smirking teenage boys harangue Sacco for not being Muslim and for wasting time on history. The conversation soon shifts to the Israeli bulldozers.

“Why is our country like this?” asks one boy, his face scarred with acne. “Because we’re not close to God,” answers another, his head down.

“I ask what they think is the best way to resist,” writes Sacco in a caption.

“Get close to God.”

“With bombs.”

There is a silent panel, the four boys’ tired, defeated faces stripped of bravado. And then one of them asks Sacco, “Do you like us?”


book cover


Footnotes in Gaza: A Graphic Novel


By Joe Sacco


Metropolitan Books, 432 pages


Buy the book

Sacco’s compassionate attention is a stark contrast to the cold utilitarianism of many reporters and the brutal efficiency of the war machine. Those who cannot see the human being, as Sacco does, embrace the doctrine of interchangeability: Almost everything—and everyone—can be replaced. The individual and the particular are swallowed up by the great broad strokes of policy, news stories and statistics. They miss what is most important—a quiet man scavenging for food to feed his animals, teenaged boys with acne who yearn to be accepted.

The work of journalists, including Sacco, cannot be done without a steady supply of human anguish. The more appalling the stories the better. Sacco is painfully aware of the ambiguities of his motives. “He knows it’s rubble that’s brought me, too,” Sacco writes of a Rafah man, his home about to be bulldozed, who refuses to talk to him. In a darkened home, Sacco and Abed press an old man to tell his story. He is reluctant—“It’s very hard to talk about”—but finally relents, after four silent panels of weeping. “Okay, I’ll tell you”—and the scene cuts to Sacco and Abed walking away from the house, beaming and satisfied. They look as though they have finished a very good meal. The old man stands brokenly in the doorway.

Sacco’s harshest judgments are reserved for himself. He is the hapless antihero of the book, drawn always without eyes behind his round wire glasses. Repeated images of himself, at one point, whirl and gesticulate as he expounds on atrocities to his friends, obviously enjoying the hardheaded grit of the subject. And then a volley of Israeli gunfire hits the building. He is instantly cowed. “Because I’m not under fire every day.” His friends continue the conversation without him. He is the outsider.

The final, merciless insight of the book is not about history, but about the voyeurs who come from industrialized zones of safety to watch. It is devastating.

The conclusion of “Footnotes in Gaza” is a harrowing, textless sequence of an anonymous man’s point of view on Nov. 12, 1956.  It can be fully understood and its power fully realized only within the context of the oral testimonies Sacco has gathered.  The stream of individual voices we have been hearing throughout the book converge in these last wordless pages. They are drawn in tight squares. What we see is obstructed and claustrophobic, sightless with panic and dread. “Can you imagine,” as one witness had said many pages earlier, “that one who is very fearful can see anything?” The man whose eyes we look through has raised his hands. We see his hands as he would, at the periphery of the panels. Sometimes we look down with him at his foot stepping accidentally on a body. He runs with a huddled mass of men. We see the backs of their heads, their raised arms, their cringing forms. He approaches the school gate. Enters it.  The final page is black.

There is a sickening familiarity in the images of “Footnotes in Gaza”—terrified, brutalized men with their hands up, huddled together, herded in a column down the streets by helmeted, barking soldiers who shoot into the crowd. The chilling and recurring detail of shoes scattered in the street, lost by panicked, running men, recalls the horrific mountains of black leather shoes left behind in Nazi concentration camps.

“As someone in Gaza told me, ‘events are continuous,’ ” Sacco writes in his foreword. “[T]he past and present cannot be so easily disentangled; they are part of a remorseless continuum, a historical blur.” 

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict seems, now, to be an eternal epic, reaching back into the murk of the last century. But how many years passed between the 6 million Jewish dead and 1956? Fifteen, 20? The Warsaw ghetto and Auschwitz-Birkenau were not abstract history lessons to those who pulled the triggers in Khan Yunis and Rafah. This is the shocking, “remorseless continuum” of human cruelty. The blind animal that is man, prey in the morning and predator at night, rises again and again to slaughter the helpless. It takes a poet and an artist—Joe Sacco is both—to call us back to our better nature.

Eunice Wong is a professional actor based in New York City. She trained at the Juilliard School Drama Division, received the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Actress and a Barrymore Award nomination for outstanding lead actress. Her writing has appeared often in Truthdig’s Arts and Culture section. Her website is

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By firefly, February 20, 2010 at 4:08 pm Link to this comment

I agree with your comments. I was listening to Democracy Now not long ago about the Palestinian families who have filed a petition with the United Nations over the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s plans to build a “Museum of Tolerance” over the historic Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem.

Amy Goodman was talking to Columbia University professor and author Rashid Khalidi, a petitioner whose ancestors were buried at the Mamilla Cemetery; and Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is representing the families in their petition.

Khalidi tells how this is a cemetery where people who fought with Saladin in the Crusades are buried. In fact, one of the descendants of one of the leading figures in the twelfth century is buried in that cemetery.  It is the oldest Muslim cemetery, probably, in all of Palestine. It may go back to the seventh century, but it certainly goes back to the twelfth century. This is a very, very important Heritage site.

One of the things they are asking is that UNESCO treats this as such and that this grotesque project be stopped. There have been offers to move the museum elsewhere. Even the mayor of Jerusalem suggested that it be moved elsewhere and a Palestinian has offered to give land right near the wall that they’ve built right through the middle of for the museum to be built there. So a museum for tolerance can be built next to a forty-foot concrete barrier between different parts of the Arab East Jerusalem.

And Michael Ratner who went to Jerusalem to have a look said

“As Palestinians have been pushed out of Jerusalem parts of the West Bank, you see what is going on here is an attempt to obliterate a Palestinian and Muslim presence in West Jerusalem by getting rid of key cultural and historical sacred sites and artifacts of their people. International law clearly should protects it in the way it protects many cultural artifacts and religious freedom. Israel has an obligation, as it admits, to protect sacred sites in Jerusalem. And what have they protected? Up ’til 2008 they protected 136 Jewish sites and not one Muslim site. 

If the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which now has been given other places to build on, insists on going on with this, you can only draw one conclusion: ‘Let’s obliterate the Muslim presence in Jerusalem.”

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bonito's avatar

By bonito, February 20, 2010 at 9:24 am Link to this comment

What the Jews are doing in the middle east is far
worst then what the Germans did to the Jews.  The
second world war lasted but seven years, the Jews
have been     killing Arabs for sixty-two yrs.  At
the end of the second world war, many nations rose up
in support for the Jews, in contrast to today not
much support is generated for Arabs, not even amongst
the rich Arab nations.  I do not believe that the
reason for this is because the Jews are right, and,
the Arabs are wrong, but that the The Taxpayers of
the USA have been taxed hundreds of billions of
dollars to support The jewish state of Israel to
enable them to conduct their war of ethnic cleansing. 
If it is true that GOD gave them this land,  and that
it is therefore right to massacre its inhabitants in
order to set up a Jewish state, than just maybe they
are worshiping the wrong God.  The USA is wrong in
supporting this Jewish state, after all our
Constitution calls for separation of Church and State
and also I believe that if supported at all, it
should be by donations from The Jews of the world
just like the Catholics support the Vatican.

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Russian Paul's avatar

By Russian Paul, January 12, 2010 at 1:55 am Link to this comment

Israel is a terrorist nation founded on ethnic cleansing. Much like the US. This is
already history. When the UN partitioned Palestine in 1947. It was just about
half of the country. But their armies were stronger and they took advantage of
that fact. The British did nothing to enforce the mandate and many arab
leaders also made secret arrangements. Today, Israel controls a vast majority
of this land. They are building new settlements now that are actually illegal
under Israeli laws, but it’s just an ever-expanding beast.

The UN has ordered Israel in two resolutions to withdraw back to its original
border. Israel refuses to abide by the UN resolutions, just like Saddam refused
to abide by UN resolutions. The entire world must be anti-semitic, right? That
is why the US and Israel is growing more and more isolated on this issue. You
say the blockade is justified because women and children have been targeted
in the past? What was that last assault on Gaza a year ago?! Hundred of women
and children were PURPOSELY targeted. Hospitals, UN refugee sites were
bombed. White phosphorus. This is what Israel has done since the days of the
Sterngang and the Irgun and Hagana, they terrorize the civilians and they set
up more and more illegal settlements.

Have the Palestinians committed terrorist acts too? Yes, but it is not even
comparable to what Israel has committed. What is always looked over is the
fact that Israel has the 4TH LARGEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD (I said 3rd
before, sorry) and the Palestinians are honestly quite pathetic in that
department. The idea that starving the entire population or throwing white
phosphorus in the city streets is justified and “self defense” is sick beyond

If you added up all the innocent civilians killed by Israel since 1948, you would
have a number comparable to the Holocaust. Hundreds of thousands were
slaughtered in the first few years alone and over a million were expelled from
their homes. For me “Never Again!” means “never again” for ANYBODY
ANYWHERE and what Israel is doing now is a SHANDE.

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By walterbard, January 11, 2010 at 4:38 pm Link to this comment

To Russian Paul

The Knesset has Arab delegates who openly favor Hamas. That’s because Arabs have the right to
vote and the right of free speech. Some Arabs openly demonstrate with Palestinian flags much
like the American antiwar demonstrators with Viet Cong flags in the Sixties.  If this is
not democracy than what is?  Blockade? The Palestinians have sent in suicide bombers
to kill woman and children on Isreli buses. If America, or any other country were subjected
to such atrocities the response would be far more severe. Steal land?? Until 1948 the Jews
were under the British Mandate. The British did nothing when Jews were driven out of
Hebron and Gaza in 1929. Neither did the world do anything when Jews were driven out
of East Jerusalem in 1949. If the Palestinians truly wanted a homeland in the
“West Bank” why didn’t they agitate for one and why didn’t Jordan grant it before
1967 when Jordan had control? No the Palestinian charter specifically stated that the west
Bank was Jordan and Israel was to be the state after the Jews ere expelled.
That charter has not been repealed. The 1967 so called “border” was an armistice line which
Jordan broke after Israel specifically told Jordan it would not attack if it stayed out.
There is no illegal occupation of the West Bank because there never was any set border.
The Palestinian’s have never recognized Israel as a Jewish State. Their entire movement
is bogus. If it were real then they would have established a state before 1967. Basically
it’s an excuse for the piecemeal destruction of Israel much like the Munich Pact
destroyed Chechoslovakia. The so called Palestinians
are Jordanians, let them go back to Jordan

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Russian Paul's avatar

By Russian Paul, January 11, 2010 at 1:56 pm Link to this comment

Gmarks and others like him do not represent the anti-zionist movement. If
anything they are paid to go on sites like this and write anti-semitic nonsense.
Do not fall for this trick.

Now look, obviously there are some racist anti-zionists out there, but most of
us (AND MANY OF US ARE JEWS) are simply sickened with Israel’s continued
blockade, their stealing of land, their treatment of Arabs in their own country,
their unnecessary use of force, etc. It is a DAVID vs GOLIATH situation over
there. You have the 3rd most powerful military in the world vs people who can
barely fight back. You cannot be a functioning democracy and then give full
rights only to some citizens, while starving and stealing land from others. The
people who founded and continue to run Israel are racist, supremacists, who
feel they are entitled to more than the “savages” who originally lived there.

people like Gmarks don’t get it. It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or not, it is
about whither you support justice or not. Why are thousands of US Jews
standing up? Why does Amy Goodman report on the crimes of Israel every
week, when she certainly doesn’t have to? She is a self-loathing jew? All the
Jewish dissidents in the US are self loathing jews right? No. And Gmarks is
serving no one but zionists, Larry is now even thanking him for his racist

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By ed_tru_lib, January 11, 2010 at 1:34 pm Link to this comment


Geez talk about “carrying the ball” and straight for a touchdown, bro.

I second Walterbard’s toast with a corona & lime I wish I could have you join me with.

Bravo and Encore! (and I do NOT mean the cable stations)

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By garth, January 11, 2010 at 10:05 am Link to this comment

Maybe you can anwer a simple question: I know from the Government Main Stream Media (GMSM) that the al qaeda, the Taliban and all Muslims, in general, hate Americans for our freedom, but why does everyone hate the Jews?
As Tom Lehrer’s lyrics go,
The Protestants hate the Catholics
And the Catholics hate Protestants
The Hindus hate the Muslims,
And everybody hates the Jews.

Be kind to brotherhood week.

Is their a reason? Or is this the Jewish fate?

Mort Sahl uses the same schtick in his routine, that the Jews are tops in everything, but does this indicate something else?

I was brought up an Irish-Roman Catholic believing that the Jews were in sense something apart.  They were, no doubt, the scourge of the nuns, yet they owned the liquor stores on the corner, most of the tenements in the city and most, if not all the shoe manufacturing businesess.  The emotional conflict of hearing the lace curtain Irish nuns make insane claims about Judaism in Tuesday Religious class and then dealing with a Jewish landlord or a man of Jewish ancestry who stepped forward and gave many a break to a first job or an acceptance to a University, left many with mixed, buried, feelings.
My question is why?  Why do so many hate the Jews? 
And you don’t have to be a complete jerk in your answer.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 11, 2010 at 9:34 am Link to this comment

PS: PLEASE DO NOT ASK that Gmarks be censored or removed from this board. He paints a picture that is worth a thousand words and has put this issue into perfect perspective. I was among those Jews who supported the ACLU in their position that the Nazis be allowed to march/demonstrate in Skokie Il on the grounds that nothing anyone can say truly does justice to the barbarity of what we are facing and although the ACLU has gone all the way over the top and I no longer support them for other reasons, my feelings are still similar. GMARKS IS A GREAT VALUE TO THE WORLD IN HIS OWN WORDS - PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE HIM AND I ASK MY FELLOW JEWS NOT TO MAKE SUCH A REQUEST.

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By garth, January 11, 2010 at 9:30 am Link to this comment

All I wanted to say in a post I tried before was that the Israelis should try something different.  What they’ve done in the past 60 or so years doesn’t seem to be working.  Their actions seem to have perpetuated this conflict.

With the 800 billion dollar weapon storage being granted to Israel by the US Defense Department to be used at their disgression, maybe Israel should try a Palestinian Holacaust.  There are bout 2.5 million Palestinans not even half of the Jews that died in WWII. The world will soon forget them, or their story would be moved to some website.
Or, maybe try an all out war with the second class Muslims.  A sort of war of civilizations as Huntington of Yale suggested.

As far as the claim that Israel has the toughest army goes, then I suggest that they invade Lebanon and face the Hezbollah one more time.

In this bloated corner of the world, the Americans face an insidious force that has crept into the MSM and even alternate media.  Now, Amy Goodman spends more than half her program on the white racists. 
Who’s behind them?  I saw two of them on the video wearing bras beneath their soiled tee shirts.  Who’s behind this?
A white racist accused of killing two blacks in MA attacked his Jewish Psychiatrist.  The story should read that he wants to be sent to Bridgewater, the housing for the criminally insane, a much better venue.
Of course, this is just another half-assed scheme to scare anyone who’s watching.  But somehow it gets into the ether and becomes a reality.  Like the SDS Weathermen and the Black Panthers with Eldridge Cleaver before them, the white racists scare is a complete fabrication.

We should be keeping our “hands on the throttle and our eyes on the scale.”  The rape of the working class will continue until it is stopped, or it dies of its own virulence.  This not the end of history.

I say, Unite.  Hold on to what you have and lay claim to what you’ve lost.  They stole it. Form tightly knit groups, use the old mafia shibboleth, He’s a friend of ours.”  Trust only the ones you know.  Mohammed might have had a point there in Sura 5.5.

A friend of mine who is a lawyer went to Israel in support of the Zionist movement and her colleagues.  As a black she was appalled by the treatment of the Palestinians.  She no longer supports the Zionists and chooses not to talk about it.

They shall perish as a result of their own befuddled anger.

Let’s see you post that, you free speechers.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 11, 2010 at 8:51 am Link to this comment

Gmarks - let that “freak flag” fly brother! Anyone reading Gmarks should be able to see why the Jews are pound for pound the toughest army on the planet and why a tiny fraction of one percent of the worlds population has three quarters of the Nobel prizes in science, art, medicine, math etc and why Neanderthals like Gmarks who are still trying to grow a forehead feel impotent and like they can not compete with Jews. There is a good reason for this ... they can’t! Gmarks, I completely understand WHY you “hate Jews” ... Gmarks feels like a second class citizen because HE IS ONE but not because of anything a Jew did, but rather because of what the little pip squeak is unable to do! I am in Southern CA by the way, NOT Israel!

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By walterbard, January 11, 2010 at 4:52 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

to Liquor Store Larry.

I toast your brilliant rebutals to these antisemites.
Good Work.

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By Anatole France, January 10, 2010 at 11:58 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“Postscript: Henry Ford is now known in History as an anti-semite first and secondly as a guy who manufactured a few cars…”

Absolutely!  He is a monument to the “Free market uber alles” movement.

Don’t forget for a moment, “Arbeit Macht Frei”!  The robber barons are still selling the same old bullshit, and God save us all, we are still buying it.

Ford was an ogre.  If you haven’t already, visit the Holocaust Museum and reflect for a moment on the horrors that he and his kind visited on the world.  We must not forget, nor can we ever let our children and grandchildren believe, that it was a myth. 

It happened then and the AntiSemites made it so.  They want us to forget so they can do it again.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 10, 2010 at 9:57 pm Link to this comment

By Russian Paul, January 10 at 9:36 pm # - I am supposed to be surprised or impressed because a Jewish author feels guilt at the horrific things that happen in war, in a country that nurtures his right to express that opinion, even while fighting an enemy who would kill one of their own who expressed a similar opinion? I am not suggesting that terrible things do not take place in Gaza or that innocent woman and children do not suffer. I AM suggesting that until these so called Palestinians, A VAST MAJORITY OF WHOM have never so much as set foot in Israel, find a way to rein in their own fanatics, the Jews will HAVE NO CHOICE but to defend themselves. DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE that a “return to the pre 67 borders” would even make a significant difference in the Hamas position no less end the suicide bombings and rocket attacks? No honest person believes that. Look what disbanding settlements got the Jews. Nothing terrifies Hamas quite so much as the possibility that Jews might actually make these compromises because when they are confronted with giving up THE ONLY GOAL THEY HAVE EVER HAD IN RETURN, which is the eternal melodrama of driving every Jew into the sea and claiming every inch of the Middle East as “Muslim land” they step up the attacks to muddy the waters. Anyone who thinks that Hamas is even the least bit interested in peace, a two state solution or any other reasonable outcome is naive and in deep denial. Hamas is not the Optimists Club or the Elks Club, they are a terrorist org. A Palestinian author criticizing the actions of the Palestinians in the same manner that Shlomo Sand has been critical of his own would be killed by his own and therein lies the rub. You use this as a argument and say “I should be embarrassed” but maybe with this gross oversight you have made my argument for me. And to take it one step further, maybe you have never heard of a pacifist. There are people who believe it is SO WRONG TO KILL under any circumstances that it is better to die being killed than to take up arms. The American lunatic, Cindy Sheehan has called World War Two “a diplomatic failure”. Are you going to argue that we were some how impatient with Adolph Hitler or that we should have tried harder to reason with him? Sorry Paul, someone should be embarrassed and it is not me. You have failed miserably to support your own argument. I am an American and I would do anything in my power to NOT take the life of another short of allowing my family to be harmed and I’m sure that is how a vast majority of Israelis feel too. Again, the obvious truth to any honest person is every hardship experienced by any Arab is as a direct result of their absolute refusal to accept living in harmony with Jews. Again, if the Arabs put down their arms today there would be no more violence but if the Jews put down their arms there would be no more Israel and only a liar would deny this. For those who have not read the Hamas Charter, that might make far more informative reading in the light of this debate than Shlomo Sand or anyone else. Screw philosophy, even a cornered Rat will fight. It is time for the Arabs to step up to the plate for a change and give up this insanity of asking the Jews to make all the compromises. Any other country fighting a PR war and a real one at the same time who had been repeatedly attacked like Israel has while holding such a military advantage would have vaporized the enemy by now. It is a monument to Israel’s humanity that there is anyone left in Gaza.

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By lichen, January 10, 2010 at 8:57 pm Link to this comment

Russian Paul, you are right; that is who I’m talking about.  Ironically, it seems a lot of people who actually live in Israel are better able to handle the information than American zionists.

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Russian Paul's avatar

By Russian Paul, January 10, 2010 at 5:36 pm Link to this comment

Larry, do you not know how to use google search? Or do you just like
embarrassing yourself?

Lichen was probably talking about Shlomo Sand, who teaches at Tel Aviv
University and wrote “The Invention of the Jewish People.” It was an Israeli
bestseller for 19 weeks. You may disagree with his point of view, but he is
certainly not a racist like you suggest. Maybe you should look into other Israeli
historians who are challenging the official Israeli stories of how the country was
founded. Some of them call themselves the “New Historians” that include: Benny
Morris, Ilan Pappé, Avi Shlaim, Tom Segev, Hillel Cohen. All respected Jewish
professors. Yes, there are many books you can read, and yes, they cite their
sources. Maybe you should research this further as you don’t really seem to know
what you’re talking about.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 10, 2010 at 4:53 pm Link to this comment

By lichen, January 10 at 7:42 pm # (a recent book by an Israeli academic confirmed that no, these people have genetic or historical ancestral relation with the land of Palestine; they are the descendants of white European’s who converted to the religion and held typical imperial colonizing attitudes)

BWAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA ... who wrote this book? Hermann Göring? The Grand Mufti? David Duke? LMAO - here’s yer clown hat!

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By walterbard, January 10, 2010 at 4:01 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

No historical relation to Israel. That’s simply wrong. Half of judaism is connected to Israel.
Incidently, there are genetic markers that link
European Jews specifically to the Middle East
An Israeli made this comment? Guess what, Israel is a free society and any idiot can publish a book.
What would happen to an Arab if he published a
book favorable to Israel in any arab country.
Fatwah and death. Lichen, you still didn’t answer
the question about the Jews expelled from arab countries. Were they European colonizers?
How come there are 20% Arab citizens in Israel, if
Israel embarked on some colonial policy to expel Arabs? Exactly which Europeans converted to judaism and went to israel. Did you hear of the Hoilocaust.
Why would anyone want to convert. Or do you believe
that the holocaust was a hoax?

Report this

By walterbard, January 10, 2010 at 3:46 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

To Russian Paul

NONSENSE.  First of all the U.N. count of so called
Arab refugees from liberated Israel was about 730,000
And most of them were not expelled but left their villages at the behest of radio request of the grand
Mufti who promised an annihilation of the Jews.
Look at archived issues of newspaers of that period for they are replete with quotes from Arab military
leaders who bragged that there will be a masacare. It was the arabs who rejected the 1947 partition plan not Israel. They started hostilities. Yes, Israel took more land thanthe original plan but it was the arabs who rejected the plan and tried to drive the Jews out.

Report this

By lichen, January 10, 2010 at 3:42 pm Link to this comment

No, walterbard, the Palestineans whom the white European colonists (a recent book by an Israeli academic confirmed that no, these people have genetic or historical ancestral relation with the land of Palestine; they are the descendants of white European’s who converted to the religion and held typical imperial colonizing attitudes) were unable to successfully kill or drive out of their homes do not have full equal rights in Isreal; they are a persecuted minority whom Avigdor Leiberman publically announced should be loaded onto a bus and driven into the ocean. And yes, the refugee problem is one of Israel; they intentionally recruited freeloading jews to steal the homes, farms, livelihoods, and traditions of the Palestineans who were expelled from their rightfull homes.

Thankfully, world opinion is turning against Israel’s murder and theft; they won’t last much longer without being forced to follow international law.

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Russian Paul's avatar

By Russian Paul, January 10, 2010 at 2:04 pm Link to this comment

walter - In 1948, ONE MILLION people were expelled from their homes at
gunpoint and their villages destroyed. Tens of thousands were slaughtered/raped.
From its inception, Israel has taken way more land than what was allotted to them
by the UN and they continue to steal more and more land. I suppose many Israelis
feel entitled the same way colonists in the US felt they were more entitled to land
than the “savage” natives.

Israel has become so isolated because of this, almost the whole world denounces
what is happening, I think a one state solution will be the only viable option soon

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Russian Paul's avatar

By Russian Paul, January 10, 2010 at 1:53 pm Link to this comment

Don’t let the JEWS dominate this thread. Remember, they are not all here.. but in
ISrael—they pay young jewish students to prowl these websites and argue for
murdering the Palis…

And I bet they pay people like you to go on sites and be overly anti-semitic to
diminish opposition and taint the entire anti-zionist movement. More and more
Jews are waking up to the fact that Israel is a country based on ethnic cleansing
and is now an apartheid state. It doesn’t matter what religion or ethnicity you are,
anyone can recognize the crimes Israel has and continues to commit.

Report this

By bozhidar balkas, vancouver, January 10, 2010 at 10:45 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

An euroasian multiethnicity with one the worst cults ever stole land with intent to murder and expel. It is called “zionism”. However, it is a vast euphemism.

Not to mention an invention since euros with the cult had no connection with hebrews/yehudim, or zion.
But they cld have not ever set up a state of their own in palestine had not the League of Nations consisted largely of christian lands.

Even UN had not been any kinder or fairer or more judicious towards pal’ns. It was still composed largely by christian land and evil empires such as italy,UK, US, USSR, france, belgium, et al.

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By walterbard, January 10, 2010 at 10:29 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)


Here’s another quote from your Koran
Sura 5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

The moslems murdered thousands of non moslems because
of their religious beliefs.

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By David, January 10, 2010 at 9:23 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Liquor Store Larry wants to say that the Palestinians are an invention of
propaganda lets go with that, there are currently 4.5 million propaganda based
Palestinian people in the Gaza and West Bank territories.  As well, as another
1.2 million Non-Jewish Israelis of propaganda based Palestinian origin in Israel
proper.  That is 5 .7 million Non-Jewish Propaganda based Palestinians.  Which
is roughly 45 to 47 % of the total population if you take 6 million Jews and
other people. 

Why am I making this point is that give it another 20 or 30 years and the
propaganda based Palestinian people will outnumber the Jewish inhabitants. 
After that point these negotiations for a separate Palestinian state is pointless. 
There is already a small but growing movement for a “ONE STATE SOLUTION” in
which Propaganda based Palestinians and Israeli Jews will have to live on one
country as citizens of the same country.  At this point I will state that the
history of Apartheid states is very bad (the US in the 1960s with Jim Crow,
South Africa). 

At the end of the day there will be 2 peoples sharing this land and there is no
way around it.  Individuals on both sides of the divide will have to get used to
that.  The Jewish Israelis are not going anywhere and nor are the Propaganda
based Palestinians.  Lets see some articles on what a future Bi-National
Jewish/Propaganda Based Palestinian State will look like hopefully nothing like
what exists today.

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By Luca, January 10, 2010 at 9:17 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Joe Sacco is my hero and knowing this my wife got me his book for Christmas. At first I winced at the thought that she had shelled out for the hard-copy edition, but I just could not think of a more deserving artist. It is a quite remarkable work and quite possibly the stand-out non-fiction book of the past year.

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By walterbard, January 10, 2010 at 7:57 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

First of all Lichen get your facts right.
There were more Jewish refugees from Arab countries
than there were so called Palestinians from Israel.
About 850,000 Mizarchi jews were forced out of Arab
lands between 1922 and 1967. They did not leave
voluntarily. Their property was seized. They were forced out penniless. About 600,000
thousand settled in Israel, which was about 40% of the population in 1953. These refugees were first in refugee camps but then quickly settled into Israeli
society. Compare with the so called Jorandian Arabs
who call themselves Palestinians. It was their arab bretheren kept them behind barbed wire and made them
stateless, not Israel. The Arabs who remained in Israel were given FULL CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS. The right
to vote, the right to travel with an Israeli passport, the right to run for office. In fact there
are arabs in the Knesset. This whole refugee problem
is a creation not of Israel but of the Arab league.

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By Dar, January 9, 2010 at 10:03 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Great work from Sacco and from Eunice Wong for her review.

It’s important to remind people that Zionist criminality pre-dates any so-called “rocket attacks” or “suicide bombings”, and goes back from the moment that European Jews decided to go to Palestine and steal the land for themselves.

The sad part is that the local Arabs and (then Ottoman) administrators failed to recognize the danger and allowed the cancer to grow until it took over the host body.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 9, 2010 at 9:10 pm Link to this comment

The word “Palestine” was introduced to mock and persecute the Jews by the Romans just like you try to mock and persecute the Jews and like others have tried as well- unfortunatly, the Romans and a load of ignorant heathens and NOW YOU, came, perished and went and the Jews just “keep on keepin on”. I do not base any view of the Middle East on the Bible and I don’t give a Rat’s a** what is in the Bible. The Jews are here to stay, they can defend themselves against those who would committ genocide ... you are not the first bigot to wish the Jews would “go away” ... you are only one of many so give it a rest Fuzzy

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By lichen, January 9, 2010 at 8:58 pm Link to this comment

People should really stop drinking so much before posting here; insane trash is the result.  The Israeli’s of today are merely a bunch of deluded white European colonists who have committed their own genocide against the Palestinians, one which they are continuing to this day with their reckless attacks on Gaza and their gradual theft of the west bank and East Jerusalem.  The Palestinian’s have a right to resist illegal occupation and the intimidation of the terrorist group IDF, worlds worse than Al Queda could dream of being.

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Arabian Sinbad's avatar

By Arabian Sinbad, January 9, 2010 at 8:34 pm Link to this comment

By Liquor Store Larry, January 9 at 9:58 pm #

The word Palestine, you stupid ignorant bad “Liquor,” comes from the word “Philistines” who were the original inhabitants of the area before the Israelites came as the marauder terrorist occupiers which your own Bible confirms. Below are just two quotations from the book of Joshua where Joshua talked to the Jehovah’s worshipers:

“Shout; for Jehovah has given you the city (Jericho). And the city and all that is within it shall be devoted to Jehovah for destruction; only Rahav, the harlot and all who are with her in her house shall live, because she hid the messengers that we sent. But you keep yourselves from things devoted to destruction, lest when you have devoted them you take any of the devoted things and make the camp of Israel a thing for destruction, and bring trouble upon it… So the people shouted and the trumpets were blown. As soon as the people heard the sound of the trumpet, the people raised a great shout, and the wall fell down flat, so that the people went into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city. Then they utterly destroyed all in the city, both men and women, young and old, oxen, sheep and asses, with the edge of the sword.” (Joshua 6:15-21)

In another passage of Joshua we read:

“And Joshua turned back at that time, and took Hazor, and smote its king with the sword; for Hazor formerly was the head of all those kingdoms. And they put to the sword all who were in it, utterly destroying them; there was none left that breathed, and they burned Hazar with fire. And all the cities of those kings, Joshua took, and smote them with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying them, as Moses the servant of Jehovah had commanded. And all the spoils of these cities and the cattle, the people of Israel took for their booty; but every man they smote with the edge of the sword, until they did not leave any that breathed. As Jehovah had commanded Moses his servant, so Moses commanded Joshua, and so Joshua did; he left nothing undone of all that Jehovah had commanded Moses.” (Joshua 11:10-15)

Here is a summary in simple English for what these two passages from the Zionists most sacred book means:

1. The land to which the Israelites came as marauders occupiers was inhabited by a people known as “Philistines;” hence Palestine and Palestinians as an ancient name for the land and its inhabitants. They had prosperous cities and kingdoms which were utterly destroyed and burned to their foundations. Unfortunately, we don’t have numbers about the millions who perished in these holy wars of the Isralites to use as a blackmailing technique as the Zionists use the modern Holocaust!

2. The Jewish Bible while acknowledging that the Israelites came as terrorist marauders occupiers clearly promotes a theology of extreme terrorism, commanding to kill every thing that breath in the lands they conquer and occupy.

3. The only people whose lives are worthy to be spared are the spies and harlots as in the case of Rahav.

Just compare this with the teachings of the Qur’an:

“Invite all people to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them with ways that are best and most gracious.” (Qur’an 16:125)

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By ed_tru_lib, January 9, 2010 at 6:27 pm Link to this comment

BRAVO to Walterbard, LA Skeptic, Blackspeare and of course Liquor Store Larry.

How unbelievably refreshing to actually see almost a majority of comments to a Truthdig post, that are not only NOT terrorist-loving, anti-semitic garbage, but are also articulate comments on the realities of Israel and the middle east.

Welcome Friends. For years I’ve been afraid that there were fewer and fewer true liberal progressives who know they have to live on Planet Earth reading Truthdig, and never more so than on posts pertaining to Israel, “palestine” etc. Thanks.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 9, 2010 at 5:58 pm Link to this comment

Arabian Sinbad - You yourself seem aware that your wimpy ad hominems are impotent in the light of facts, none of which, I notice, are included in YOUR post. You call names, I recount history. You lose. You can call all the names you like but you will never produce a shred of evidence that there has ever been an autonomous country called Palestine. This just demonstrates how totally bankrupt Arabs like you are. You remember Western colonialism fondly.


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Arabian Sinbad's avatar

By Arabian Sinbad, January 9, 2010 at 5:47 pm Link to this comment

There is a lot of bad, poisonous “Liquor” on this thread. In proportion to the damning truths against the evils of Zionism, they are always capable to assign a fanatic Zionist-in-residence who, through his rants, racist language and falsehoods, will inadvertently prove the evil and danger they pose to the civilized world. From inventing terrorism and glorifying it as a political weapon to exploiting the fears it poses in our times, Zionists, I must admit, are masters in exploitation and deceit unparalleled in human history.

Wake up America to the danger of Zionism and to the strong control they have over the American polito-military establishment!

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 9, 2010 at 4:53 pm Link to this comment

By john, January 9 at 2:52 pm #

- THIS GUY CONCLUDES THAT “Israel was founded by terrorism” but apparently John does not read his own research ... this from the link this terrorist loving anti-Semitic bigot himself posted:

The labeling of Begin as a terrorist is based on his activities against the British government in Palestine in the mid-1940s. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was the British who first labeled Begin a terrorist. This label lost much of its force in the late 1970s, when Begin became Israel’s prime minister. Today, whether he was a terrorist or not is still debated.

“PERHAPS UNSURPRISINGLY” ROTFLMAO - WHAT A DUNCE! Here in American we call throwing the Colonial British out “the American Revolution” NOT “terrorism”. Some of you folks are too dull to be rightfully embarrassed!

THIS TOO FROM YOUR OWN POST—-> “Begin’s goals make sense in their historical context, the 1940s in Palestine (today the state of Israel)

Few things are as funny as anti-Semites trying to satisfactorily revise history so as to paint a picture of modern day suicide bombers as warm and fuzzy sympathetic figures and on the other hand, those who have giving the world 90% of its science, medicine and art as cruel “bad guys”. Here’s your clown hat!

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 9, 2010 at 3:22 pm Link to this comment

Russian Paul - and you are a stereotype because I am not even a practicing Jew no less a Zionist but you are very clearly an anti-Semite masquerading as whatever it is you see yourself as!

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Russian Paul's avatar

By Russian Paul, January 9, 2010 at 1:26 pm Link to this comment

Sometimes racists and bigots are so virulent, so ignorant in what they say, that
they end up making your point for you. There is no reason to debate or discuss
what Liquor Store Larry is saying because anyone with a brain, a heart, any
compassion, would read Larry’s swill and realize that there is no substance to it,
just hate and misinformation.

So keep posting away Larry, you are only proving how cold-hearted and mislead
most Zionists are these days.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 9, 2010 at 11:16 am Link to this comment

“The Palestinians want their own country. There’s just one thing about that: There are no Palestinians. It’s a made up word. Israel was called Palestine for two thousand years.
Like “Wiccan,” “Palestinian” sounds ancient but is really a modern invention. Before the Israelis won the land in war, Gaza was owned by Egypt, and there were no “Palestinians” then, and the West Bank was owned by Jordan, and there were no “Palestinians” then. As soon as the Jews took over and started growing oranges as big as basketballs, what do you know, say hello to the “Palestinians,” weeping for their deep bond with their lost “land” and “nation.” So for the sake of honesty, let’s not use the word “Palestinian” any more to describe these delightful folks, who dance for joy at our deaths until someone points out they’re being taped. Instead, let’s call them what they are: “Other Arabs From The Same General Area Who Are In Deep Denial About Never Being Able To Accomplish Anything In Life And Would Rather Wrap Themselves In The Seductive Melodrama Of Eternal Struggle And Death.” I know that’s a bit unwieldy to expect to see on CNN. How about this, then: “Adjacent Jew-Haters.”

Okay, so the Adjacent Jew-Haters want their own country. Oops, just one more thing. No, they don’t. They could’ve had their own country any time in the last thirty years, especially two years ago at Camp David. But if you have your own country, you have to have traffic lights and garbage trucks and Chambers of Commerce, and, worse, you actually have to figure out some way to make a living. That’s no fun. No, they want what all the other Jew-Haters in the region want: Israel. They also want a big pile of dead Jews, of course—that’s where the real fun is—but mostly they want Israel. Why? For one thing, trying to destroy Israel—or “The Zionist Entity” as their textbooks call it—for the last fifty years has allowed the rulers of Arab countries to divert the attention of their own people away from the fact that they’re the blue-ribbon most illiterate, poorest, and tribally backward on God’s Earth, and if you’ve ever been around God’s Earth, you know that’s really saying something. It makes me roll my eyes every time one of our pundits waxes poetic about the great history and culture of the Muslim Mideast. Unless I’m missing something, the Arabs haven’t given anything to the world since Algebra, and, by the way, thanks a hell of a lot for that one. Chew this around and spit it out: Five hundred million Arabs; five million Jews. Think of all the Arab countries as a football field, and Israel as a pack of matches sitting in the middle of it. And now these same folks swear that if Israel gives them half of that pack of matches, everyone will be pals. Really? Wow, what neat news. Hey, but what about the string of wars to obliterate the tiny country and the constant din of rabid blood oaths to drive every Jew into the sea? Oh, that? We were just kidding.

My friend Kevin Rooney made a gorgeous point the other day: Just reverse the numbers. Imagine five hundred million Jews and five million Arabs. I was stunned at the simple brilliance of it. Can anyone picture the Jews strapping belts of razor blades and dynamite to themselves? Of course not. Or marshalling every fiber and force at their disposal for generations to drive a tiny Arab state into the sea? Nonsense. Or dancing for joy at the murder of innocents? Impossible. Or spreading and believing horrible lies about the Arabs baking their bread with the blood of children? Disgusting. No, as you know, left to themselves in a world of peace, the worst Jews would ever do to people is debate them to death.  If America were being attacked with an Oklahoma City every day, we would all very shortly be screaming for the administration to just be done with it and kill everything south of the Mediterranean and east of the Jordan” - Larry Miller

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 9, 2010 at 11:06 am Link to this comment

I see my truths have brought out more simpletons. How exquisitely ironic that these anti-Smeitic inhabitants of bizarro world call those who support a tiny Jewish state racists while suckling at the teet of murderers wearing Kaffiyas who call the entirety of the Middle East “Muslim land”. Are their hearts bleeding for the savage A-rabs or the English? Can you show me “The Belgian Congo” on a map? How about “French Equitorial Africa”? Nope!

The whole idea of a Palestinian nation and a Palestinian people is an invention of Arab propaganda. Arafat is himself was Egyptian. The only people to have lived continuously on the land “from time immemorial” are Jews. So many others have conquered, ruled, and ultimately perished there that the list would take hundreds of pages. A mere sample would include: Byzantines, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Circassians, Kurds, Abbassids (Iraqis), Egyptians, Kharezmians (Genghis Khan), Mamluks, Mongols, Latins (Crusaders), Ottomans, French and English.

It is not and never was “Palestinian land.”

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By john, January 9, 2010 at 10:52 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Menachim Begin was wanted by the Brittish authorities for bombing the King David Hotel.  Yitzhak Shamir was wanted for the Killing of count Folk Bernadotte.  Israel was founded by their terrorism, pure and simple.

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Virginia777's avatar

By Virginia777, January 9, 2010 at 10:07 am Link to this comment

I applaud Truthdig for taking down Liquor Store Larry’s racist comment, although I see he has posted a new one.
How sickening to see racist ignorance here, how disgusting and how wrong.

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By ghostrider67, January 9, 2010 at 9:48 am Link to this comment

Can someone please point out to ‘Liquor Store Larry’ that, that same old “six million jews sent to the ovens” and “the holocaust” horse has been flogged down dead till its becoming quite boring? Hitler killed six or ten million,but they were not exclusively jews and the world has been footing that bill far too long, for anytime the zionists are caught with their shlongs up some poor nations bum,they take that old song and dance called the holocaust as an excuse.After all we dont hear the modern day russians crying out for justice and down payments for the twenty million russians that stalin actually killed.

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By walterbard, January 9, 2010 at 6:11 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

To Arabian sinbad

Did you ever hear of Amin Haj Husseini, the grand
mufti of Jerusalem and according to Arafat the spiritual and political founder of “Palestinian”
nationalism. He was the personal friend of Heinrich Himmler and founder of the hanser batallion
of the Waffen SS, Bosnoian Moslems who mass murdered tens of thousands in Hungary and Bosnia. Talk about elevating terrorists.The arabs launched terrorists attacks against jews starting in 1922. Incidently
most of Gaza was setlled by Jews, but they were forced out by Arab terrorists in 1929. If anyone is
occupying Gaza it’s the Arabs

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By rollzone, January 9, 2010 at 1:02 am Link to this comment

hello. OK, i think there was a point that it was the haves against the have nots. the have nots came in on authority of bigger haves, and took from the local haves. the have nots became the haves, and the former haves always wanted back what was taken from them. the former haves now represent themselves as have nots. higher authority wishes the former haves to let go, and live in peace. so former haves have no higher support authority, and relegate themselves to radical insanity. the original have nots never lost their support from higher authority; but have now outgrown the need and still feed from the tube. so, one group is insane to get back what it once had, from another group that refuses to go off on its own. it is time for Israel to grow up, and give the Palestinians a chance to get their head back on straight. for Israel to mature ... they need to exist on their own. my opinion, is that the Palestinians need to look more inwardly about whom they want to project, and be more so.

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By older_reader, January 9, 2010 at 12:03 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

“start persecuting others the minute they have a homeland of their own”

But that’s just it.  They don’t have a homeland of their own.  They have someone else’s homeland!

That’s what all that stuff about acknowledging Israel’s right to exist is about, getting official recognition by Palestinians that they accept their own dispossession. 

That recognition WAS given, but I don’t think the Israelis were persuaded that it was sincere since how can a people ratify their own ‘utter screwing over’.

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By Marwan Marwan, January 8, 2010 at 11:02 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Excellent review Eunice Wong, thank you for sharing it
with us…I’ll be picking up a copy of FOOT NOTES IN
GAZA by Joe Sacco from my local comic store tomorrow

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By LA-Sceptic, January 8, 2010 at 9:44 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Since English is one of the working languages of the UN I don’t believe the Gaza report was not published in English as Sacco asserts.

Since the thousands of deaths in Jenin turned out to be just 54, I don’t believe Sacco’s reports.

Since the Palistinians believe that a good lie is better than a dull truth I want Sacco to prove the deaths.  Provide a list of the dead.

If the commenters want documentation of Palestinian lies to bolster their cause.  Just ask.  We’ve got their staged dead people who were later walking.  We have the kid whose father used him as a shield.  We have the multiple photoshopped smoke plumes.

And as for calling Gaza the largest prison, check Sri Lanka, check North Korea.  Palistinian sympathizers lie like Republicans denying that attacks on America happened during Bush. Guliani forgot 9/11, the shoe bomber, and anthrax.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 8, 2010 at 8:00 pm Link to this comment

Political Insurgent - you are like the scientist in the 50’s sci fi flic that says “don’t harm them, we must communicate” just as a beam shoots out of the flying saucer and zaps him. You are the type of pseudo intellectual that calls someone who says “pygmies are little or cannibals eat people” a racist. You are not capable of believing what you see because you can only see what you already believe. Being a pseudo-intellectual would not keep the very barbarians you defend from cutting YOUR throat OR mine and after being expelled from middle eastern homelands where they had coexisted for thousands of years, Jews are not about to be intimidated by clowns like you or the vicious terrorists that for some perverse reason clowns like you embrace. You are a Lemming!

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Political Insurgent's avatar

By Political Insurgent, January 8, 2010 at 6:13 pm Link to this comment

I’m fairly sure that long as the world is full of racist, delusional, inhumane creatures like Liquor Store Larry, we can look forward to more Gazas and Auschwitzes for decades to come.

Thanks for bringing us into 2010, Larry. Don’t ever stop being yourself. For zoo purposes, I want you to be around in your unadulterated, liquored up form, spewing bizarre, archaic ideology when “people” like you are finally banned from living in the civilized world.

- Insurgent

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 8, 2010 at 4:43 pm Link to this comment

I talk about “proportionality” during a football game, not in defense of terrorist rocket attacks. You who care about these barbarians you call Palestinians, should kiss the ground the Israelis walk on that they have not dropped the big one and just solved their problem for once and for all. That is precisely what the Arabs would do if the situation was reversed. Why would they mind killing millions of Jewish kids when they are happy to strap bombs on to their own? “Ahh, kids, the blow up so fast”!

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 8, 2010 at 4:22 pm Link to this comment

Arabian Sinbad talks about elevating terrorists when in fact the Arabs invented it - too bad Israel doesn’t have swell role models like Saddam Hussein, Mamoud Ahmadinejad and that paragon of virtue, the Ayatollah Khomeini! This, from that wonderful culture who blow up discos in Bali, Pizza parlors in Israel, train stations in Barcelona, hotels full of Hindus in India, theatres full of hostages in Moscow, fly planes into buildings in New York, torch embassies over cartoons in Europe, blow up Buddhist antiquities in Afghanistan and shoot kneeling woman through the head in Afghani soccer stadiums, push cripples in wheelchairs off ships in the ocean, and when they run out of Jews and Christians and Hindus to murder they murder each other so naturally conclude that the problem is Israel.

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Arabian Sinbad's avatar

By Arabian Sinbad, January 8, 2010 at 4:09 pm Link to this comment

Since the buzz word these days is “terrorism,” it’s appropriate to remind the world about who introduced modern terrorism in the Middle East! It was the early illegal Zionist European comers to Palestine in the 1930’s and 1940’s. They formed several terrorist organizations that terrorized not only the native Arabs, but also the British who held the mandate over Palestine, and ironically, the ones who made the creation of artificial Israel possible through their infamous Balfour Declaration.

Thus is the nature of psychopath Zionists they always bite the hand that fed them. Remember the hell they raised against Jimmy Carter after he wrote his book, “Palestine:Peace Not Apartheid.” This is the same Carter who exhausted himself to bring about the first ever semblance of peace they’ve known since the establishment of their illegitimate state in the heart of the Arab-Muslim world; the peace between it and Egypt; thus taking Egypt as the largest Arab country from the struggle and leaving their Palestinian brethren at the mercy of terrorist Israel.

Israel is possibly the first entity in modern history that elevated its previous notorious terrorists to the highest offices in the state, such as Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Sharon and many others. If so-called individual or group Arab or Muslim “terrorists” are making news these days, then the Americans and the British in particular have to thank Israel, which their political-military establishments have been unconditionally supporting its state-sponsored terrorism.

Stop Israel’s terrorism in Palestine and American terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan and the word “terrorism” will immediately disappear from being the buzz word of today and everyday!

Wake-up America! Wake-up Britain!

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By walterbard, January 8, 2010 at 3:57 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

A Nazi sympathizer during WW2 could have written a heart wrenching account about
how the poor Germans in Hamburg and Berlin suffered under the bombing of the cruel
English and Americans. Of course a few small details would have to be left out,
like Hitler, Auschwitz, invasion of Poland.

The poor Palestinians. Forget the fact they have bombed buses with women and children
on them. Forget the fact that they fired ten thousand rockets into civilian population.
Forget the fact that they fired the rockets in the middle of civilian areas knowing
that any return fire would cause civilian casualties.
Forget the fact that hamas has part of its charter the destruction of the Jewish nation,
(After all to Sacco and Wong there just Jews), Forget the fact that the “people” in Gaza
voted in Hamas just like the Germans voted in Hitler.  Forget the fact that Hamas puts
on children programs where a Mickey Mouse character carries a gun and urges
children to kill the Jews. Forget the fact that Hamas has passed a law mandating crucifixion
for anyone who in their opinion insults Islam. Forget the fact that Hamas has killed dozens
of its political opponents.

Any other country when faced with attacks on its civilian population would not
have made the attempt to pinpoint targets in order to cut down civilian casualties.
Israel could have simply carpet bombed the areas where rockets were fired.

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Blackspeare's avatar

By Blackspeare, January 8, 2010 at 1:35 pm Link to this comment

I have only one question.  If the Zionist state is so bad on Arabs, then why do the Israeli Arabs stay in Israel?  They could easily migrate to the West Bank or Gaza——it’s that close!

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Russian Paul's avatar

By Russian Paul, January 8, 2010 at 1:08 pm Link to this comment

Liquor Store Larry - who kills and terrorizes more innocent civilians? Israel or
Hamas? Who are the real terrorists here? I know you guys don’t like to talk about
“proportionality,” but you cannot even compare the two, for every innocent Israeli
that is killed, thousands of Palestinians suffer a crueler fate. Like it or not, more
and more American Jews are growing disillusioned with the Zionist state, and
people like you are being exposed as the racists you are.

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By naomi watanabe, January 8, 2010 at 12:05 pm Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

it’s a good insight for somebody like me who isn’t always involved politically. I
also found Chris’s video clip at New School and watched closely. Thanks for the

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By CHAMISA, January 8, 2010 at 11:26 am Link to this comment
(Unregistered commenter)

Unfortunately, too many Americans are pathetically complacent and uninformed;
brainwashed with pseudo-news and the conviction that we can do no wrong.
As long as our government accommodates Zionist endeavors, there will be no
peace in the middle-east, or the rest of the world for that matter.  The obvious is
ignored,  ie. that our political system is severely compromised.  Decisions are not
based on what is right, but what is politically expedient, based on the highest
bidder.  We, as Americans, have a right to demand that settlement activity cease
permanently, as a starting point to the creation of two states.  Once created, Jews
and Arabs can opt to live in each other’s state, as citizens of that state.  Based on
our alleged value system, how do
we continue to allow the carnage and suffering visited on the Palestinian

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By firefly, January 8, 2010 at 10:06 am Link to this comment

It’s still defies logic, that people who have been persecuted throughout the ages should immediately start persecuting others the minute they have a homeland of their own. You would think that of all people, the Israelis would understand how the Palestinians feel living in the world’s oldest concentration camp? But no, as with individuals, the abused becomes the abuser. Sadly that does mean, that one day, when the Palestinians are finally free, they too may wreck havoc on those less fortunate than themselves.

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Liquor Store Larry's avatar

By Liquor Store Larry, January 8, 2010 at 10:05 am Link to this comment

And take Marcy Winograd with you!

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Arabian Sinbad's avatar

By Arabian Sinbad, January 8, 2010 at 10:02 am Link to this comment

Eunice Wong has done a superb job in reviewing Joe Sacco’s brilliant work. I will e-mail this excellent review to all my friends and acquaintances, hoping that they will be motivated to buy the book. I will personally buy five copies of the book and try to distribute them to libraries. This is my way of educating people on the atrocities of the Zionist occupation and the complicity of the Western governments in these crimes.

I am sure the fanatic Zionists will raise hell against this work and will try to censor its publicity. We already have an example of this in the post of an intoxicated Zionist who calls himself “Liquor Store Larry.” Those types are more interested in getting more and more people metaphorically intoxicated by false propaganda and physically intoxicated with alcoholic liquors. It’s through such types of skills and trades that they excel, make money and spread falsehoods and corruption on earth!

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By garth, January 8, 2010 at 9:46 am Link to this comment

Hear! Hear! montanawildhack, January 8 at 9:06 am #
Our offense to these atrocities has been reduced to mere comics.  Maybe they are effective to a point.  The real counteroffensive, however, should be something far more basic and far more to the point.  These people, the US, the Israelis, the rulers of Yemen, the should be smacked down.  Enough is enough!
(An experienced high school teacher once told me that if you want to stop unruly students, make it hurt.)
Let’s get to the point.  Instead of dribbling out the truth like a Pez dispenser, why not let everyone know what’s going on.  See who follows.

In the old South, it was “by their sheets you shall know them.”  Now, the American blacks have been elevated to human status by our Government (Tongue in cheek for you morons out there who want to jump on anything even slightly different from your strictures.) and have been given a pass, with the election of Obama, and the attention now is given to the “swarthies.”  No more Law & Order.

(BTW, Obama was elected to pacify the Black Caucus after their ignored attempt to stop the Bush election. The blacks represent a solid voting block and one which can be used in the future to lie about the outcomes of certain elections.)

As George Will was allowed to say on George Stephanopolis’s show “This Week” (without David Brinkley), “You (mind you he said ‘You’ should be afraid, very afraid.)”
I get it now.  All of us with dark complexions should be afraid.  Afraid that the fear tactic is working and our neighbors, people we pass on the street, anyone, for the matter, might commit some act of violence against us, might shun us, might alert the ‘Authorities’ that we live ammongst you.

A coward dies a thousand times…  What better retribution.

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By Liquor Store Larry, January 8, 2010 at 9:21 am Link to this comment

Maybe some of these terrorist sympathizers should read up on “The Hebron Massacre’ in 1929 in which Arabs rioted and killed every Jewish man, woman and child in sight. Who THEN was encroaching on Muslim land? Today’s Muslims are nothing more than the allies of World War Two Nazis who have not yet accepted their loss!

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By montanawildhack, January 8, 2010 at 5:06 am Link to this comment

As Henry Ford said, “History is bullshit.”  And the truth of that statement really shines in the context of Palestine/Israel…  Nothing, repeat, nothing that happens in Palestine and then ends up coming through our telescreens is accurate… It begins being manipulated seconds after it happens…

Take Rachel Corrie for instance… She was a young American peace activist that was Murdered by the Israeli Defense Forces in March, 2003…. Israel said it was an accident and the American media willingly spread the lie… Her life was banished forever down the Memory Hole…. She not only was not Murdered, she never existed in the first place….  Rachel’s parents called and wrote letters to their 2 Senators in Washington state but they Never received any replies.. Why would the esteemed Senators reply to crazy people claiming that a person that never existed was murdered….

You see old Henry Ford was right-History is Bullshit….  But it is up to all of us to realize that everything we read, see and hear coming out of the Main Stream Media is lies and bullshit and proceed from that point to try and find the truth ourselves…

postscript: Henry Ford is now known in History as an anti-semite first and secondly as a guy who manufactured a few cars…. All because he was against U.S. involvement in World War One… He thought we should not go to war to Bail Out the Bankers…. What a nutcase…..

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